Angela Gartner
Professional/Personal Overview
  I am a freelance journalist who has written feature articles, profiles, and business reviews for magazines, national websites and newspapers. I am currently a staff reporter at The News-Herald, a daily newspaper near Cleveland, OH

A generalist by nature, I am comfortable with any assignment topic. My editors often comment on my ability to find timely and interesting stories for their readers. My philosophy on working with editors is to always give updates on story progress and never be late for a deadline.

I also have eight years experience in working with external/internal clients to design, edit and write ad copy for print and online advertising. Additionally, I have created marketing materials for events, and general promotion.

Please e-mail me for more information at

Work Samples
(The News-Herald, 1/13/2011)
(The News-Herald, 12/26/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 6/6/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 5/6/2010)
(Chagrin Solon Sun, 4/19/2010)
(Chagrin Solon Sun, 4/15/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 3/26/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 3/25/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 2/11/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin, 2/4/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun , 1/28/2010)
with contributing correspondent Fran Suda Also, in the article learn what Governor Strickland Office had to say about this waiver program
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 12/25/2009)
(Sun News - Chagrin Solon Sun, 11/12/2009)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 11/1/2009)
(Sun Newspapers - Sun Press, 10/22/2009)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 9/1/2009)
Homework assignments and Test Prep for elementary school students
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 1/1/2009)
Dispelling the myths of boarding schools, advantages and disadvantages.
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 1/1/2009)
Final preparations for college-bound high school seniors
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 11/1/2008)
Assessing your child's tutoring needs.
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 10/1/2008)
Navigating the road to college for parents and students by providing helpful tips on college process and financial aid.
City Government and Politics  
(The News-Herald, 12/28/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 6/17/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 6/6/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 6/2/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 5/27/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 5/13/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 4/29/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 3/25/2010)
(Chagrin Solon Sun, 1/14/2010)
(Sun News - Chagrin Solon Sun , 12/17/2009)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 11/19/2009)
Party Planning  
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 3/1/2010)
Local moms give advice on how to make the perfect cake! - Cover Story
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazine, 10/1/2009)
(, 8/1/2009)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 5/1/2008)
Cover Story - Your child's first birthday is an important event, tips on throwing a successful party!
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazine, 2/1/2010)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 4/1/2009)
resource for parents and teens on what is involved in becoming a camp counselor and how to get a job.
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 3/1/2009)
On a budget, however, want to sent your kids to camp? Learn how to save!
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazine, 4/1/2008)
Talked about the advantages of the Summer Camps in the area for chilldren and parents
(Chagrin Solon Sun , 1/7/2010)
(Sun News - Chagrin Solon Sun , 12/3/2009)
with contributing correspondent Fran Suda
(The News-Herald, 1/2/2011)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 4/1/2010)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazine, 1/1/2010)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazine, 12/1/2009)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 8/1/2009)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 8/1/2009)
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazine, 10/1/2008)
Cover Story - Exploring child's interests in art activities by involvement in area programs.
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 11/14/2009)
(Sun Newspapers, 8/27/2009)
Business Review
(The Heart of Lake County Magazine, 1/15/2009)
Ohio realtors raise hope, help and community awareness
People and Places  
(The News-Herald, 1/12/2011)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 6/17/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 6/12/2010)
(Ohio Sports and Fitness Magazine, 5/1/2010)
(Chagrin Solon Sun, 4/15/2010)
(Yahoo News- Associated Content, 4/6/2010)
(Sun Newspapers - Chagrin Solon Sun, 3/4/2010)
Local doctor invited to Olympics
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 4/1/2009)
Profile on Ohio family and their sextuplets
(The Heart of Lake County Magazine, 7/15/2008)
Maternity Home providing support for teen residents
Pets and Animals  
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 7/1/2009)
Counseling children when a pet dies.
(Northeast Ohio Family Magazines, 8/1/2008)
Cover story - includes interview with Dick Goddard, Fox 8 News meteorologist.
Work Info
Copywriter 8 Years
Sales Manager/Exec. 8 Years
Writer 5 Years
Lifestyle 3 Years
Education 5 Years
Family, Children & Teenagers 5 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
9 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Northeast Ohio Family Magazines (11+), Sun Newspapers (11+), The New-Herald (11+), (6-10), The Heart of Lake County Magazine (3-5), Associated Content/Yahoo News (3-5), Doctor of Denistry Magazine (1-2), Ohio Sports and Fitness Magazine (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (6-10)
Other Work History
Education staff reporter at The News-Herald
Lakeland Community College
Continuing Education Instructor
Expert Interviewer for
Computer Skills
Microsoft Office Software, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, Graphic Design software (some Indesign experience), social media and Blogging. Check out my Education Blog at The News-Herald
Technical Skills
Digital Photography work, general editing and layout experience for print/online copy.
Laptop, digital audio recorder, digital camera, scanner and printer.
View for some current recommendations
Society of Professional Journalists
Toastmasters International
Junior Achievement
Lake Communicators
Cleveland Advertising Association
Professional Public Speaker
Educational Recruiter
BA in Communications
Freelancer Availability
I occasionally freelance. I live near Cleveland, OH. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.