If you are like this blogger, you’ve got eBooks in your Kindle account, eBooks in your Nook account, eBooks in your iBookstore account, eBooks in your Google Play account, eBooks in your Kobo account, and beyond.

While sometimes its fun to relaunch an app I haven’t used in a while and remember that I own a digital copy of 1Q84, it can be somewhat frustrating not to remember which eBooks I actually have. Enter BookShout!, a free tool that lets you legally import and aggregate all of your eBooks into one central portal.

BookShout! founder/ CEO Jason Illian boasted about the tool in a press release that was distributed at the Frankfurt Book Fair this week, stating, “In essence, we are tearing down the walls the large e-book retailers have established, and are no longer allowing them to build consumer-unfriendly fiefdoms. We are giving the consumers the freedom to access their book purchases when and where they want them, which is the whole point of digital publishing.” Read more