Today Amazon showed off a $159 edition of the Kindle Fire tablet at a press conference in Santa Monica. It has two times more RAM and is 40 percent faster than the original.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also unveiled the $199 16 GB Kindle HD, a new edition of the tablet with a 7″ inch screen. The $299 edition has a 8.9″ screen. These screens have 1900 x 1200 resolution with 254 pixels per inch. They also include a front facing HD camera.

A $499 edition of the 8.9″ HD device will feature 4G with a $50-a-year data plan and 32 GB of storage.

It includes dual stereo speakers and Doby Digital Plus audio engine built into the device. Other companies aren’t “giving WiFi the attention it deserves,” he explained. They added the 5GHz wifi band (the same band as the iPad) and two antennas on the tablet (one more than the iPad), improving strength of the WiFi on the device.

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