Media professionals are always on the phone. To help you host free conference calls, keep track of conference calls and manage the dial-in details from the convenience of your smartphone, we’ve put together a list of 5 apps designed to help manage conference calls.

1. Conference Call: “Ifbyphone’s Conference Call application enables you to schedule outbound conference calls right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You’re scheduling outbound phone calls to contacts, rather than waiting for them to dial in. You just select contacts and schedule a time. Selected contacts will receive a call and, upon answering, they will be connected to the conference call. Groups of contacts you create in this application and account minutes are shared with Ifbyphone’s other iPhone app, Voice Broadcast.”

2. CrowdCall: “Group/conference calls with people in the US, Canada and over 40 other countries. Calls are instant – no Dial-in number and no PIN number to remember – press the call button and everyone’s phone rings and they are connected. With CrowdCall you have group/conference calls with anyone who has a phone number. They don’t need to have the app to participate in a CrowdCall – they don’t even need a mobile phone!” Read more