Clueful is a handy webapp that can help you identify what information your apps are collecting. The app was created by the security company  Bitdefender, but was removed by Apple from the app store in July of 2012. Since then, Bitdefender has been offering Clueful as a standalone webapp.

Apple’s app store is known to remove malicious apps, though it seems dubious to select an app that offers something the app store doesn’t – privacy clarity. Unlike Google Play, the app store does not clearly define privacy information for each app. This webapp version of Clueful is the easiest and fastest way to see what kind of data each app is siphoning from your phone.

Apple’s choice to remove the app is disconcerting given the latest privacy controversy with Path and Google. Path was collecting entire address book data from users and storing the information on its servers – all without users’ consent. One user noted that the practice of collecting users’ data was completely antithetical to its stated privacy policy:

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