On a panel at Mediabistro’s App Summit today, digital magazine publishing experts shared examples of their work and gave advice on how magazine publishers can make more engaging apps. We’ve gleaned a few tips from the presentation.

1. Does it pass the soap opera test? Good apps have addictive content. When Bottle Rocket Apps created an app on the Civil War, instead of creating an encyclopedia of information on the subject, they focused on serialized storytelling. The idea was to encourage readers to come back and revisit the app regularly.

2. Don’t forget about PCs. Jeanniey Mullen, CMO at Zinio, pointed out that while everyone likes to talk about iPads, 40 percent of people still access digital content on a PC. She recommends thinking about how apps will look on any device that your customer may be using, be it a PC, an Android device or an iOS device. Read more