Author Stefan Kanfer, known for  his bestselling biographies of show business icons — such as Ball of Fire (about Lucille Ball), Tough Without a Gun (about Humphrey Bogart) and Somebody (about Marlon Brando) — has a new novel available called The Eskimo Hunts in New York. The title is the first in a new series of thrillers, starring the character Jordan Gulok, an Inuit and a former Navy SEAL. AppNewser caught up with Kafner to discuss why he decided to go the eBook route?

AN: Why have you decided to publish your new book, The Eskimo Hunts in New York, as an eBook?

SK: My biographies of show business icons—Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart had all landed on the bestseller list. Having gone four-for-four, I suspected that the string had run out. I did have one more bio in mind, but the publisher remained silent on that subject for months. Finally, Knopf stirred, by which time I had moved on to another genre—the thriller. I reminded the publisher that I had written two such books in years past, and that one had become a Book-of-the Month selection. Again, Knopf was somnolent. Quite a few of my books had been written before the eBook phenomenon now wracking the publishing industry, and the copyrights belonged to me. I found an eBook publisher, or, to be more accurate, he found me. Not only did Harvey Stanbrough of Stonethread publish the prior volumes, he has just issued the aforementioned thriller, The Eskimo Hunts in New York on excellent financial terms.  Read more