In a panel at Digital Book World in New York this morning, Teddy Goff, digital director of Obama for America, revealed how his team worked to help the president win the 2012 election. Here are some tips that we picked up from the presentation that app marketers and publishers should be thinking about.

1. Don’t be lame. Goff admitted that this is hard to do since politics and marketing are both lame, but as he pointed out, “Changing the country is not. And books are not.” Goff got 1.5 million people to read a blog post about tax policy, by creating a website called that looked like a site for Mitt Romney, but when you tried to click on Romney’s tax plan, the icon danced away. After a few tries, the banner linked to a blog post from the Obama campaign on their views on the flaws in Romney’s tax plan. As Goof pointing out, this is much more inspiring than a press release or a white paper. “It was designed to inform but also to inspire and to inspire sharing,” he said. Read more