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Revolving Door Newsletter: 07.24.09

OctoDad Dater Steps Down From Star, NYT Co. Could Keep Globe

July 24, 2009
The New York Times Co. announced that revenue dropped 21 percent during the second quarter of 2009, although net income jumped more than 80 percent to $39.1 million, thanks to cost-cutting and a tax adjustment. However, it's cause for concern that digital revenue -- which now accounts for 21 percent of the total -- fell by 21 percent. And what of the Boston Globe? CEO Janet Robinson said recent union concessions left it on better "financial footing," a statement some took to mean that the NYT Co. is considering keeping the paper...

Michael Carr departs as president of Greenspun Media Group. Jason Binn, head of the Niche Media unit that Greenspun purchased three years ago, is now the top dog in charge of the company's 16 regional and luxury magazines... Kate Major, the Star reporter who started dating Jon Gosselin, resigns to prevent a conflict of interest... Potential BusinessWeek suitors include New York owner Bruce Wasserstein and OpenGate Capital, the private equity firm that bought TV Guide for one dollar earlier this year. BW costs current owners McGraw-Hill $40 million a year... Letena Lindsay, vice president and director of corporate communications at Life & Style, becomes the latest victim of layoffs at Bauer Publishing...

The team at Jay Leno's new primetime show is starting to come together: Former Late Night With Conan O'Brien director Liz Plonka comes aboard in the same position, while Kevin Eubanks returns to helm the band. Announcer John Melendez will provide a different type of voice to the 10 p.m. experiment as he joins the writing team... Wendy Williams will leave her Wednesday night radio show at the end of the month...

Texas Tribune, the new political reporting operation headed by former Texas Monthly editor-in-chief Evan Smith, buys Texas Weekly. TW's Ross Ramsey will serve as managing editor of the Tribune, while five of his reporters -- Brandi Grissom, Elise Hu, Emily Ramshaw, Abby Rapoport, and Matt Stiles -- will join him... After 28 years at the AP, senior White House photographer Ron Edmonds steps down. He won the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for spot news photography... Michael McCarthy returns to Washington Flyer as editor-in-chief, while Steve Mytinger joins as publisher...

Robert LePlae, who left TBWA earlier this year, joins McCann Erickson as head of its North American operations...Lisa Sepulveda signs on as president of the global consumer marketing practice at Weber Shandwick... The Rhode Island School of Design's Museum of Art will close for the month of August, in addition to laying off staffers and giving others the option of early retirement... And there are changes at Pan MacMillan, Ginga, RockYou, and more...

July 24, 2009: Webb Younce has been named English-language editor at Suhrkamp Verlag. He had been editor at Henry Holt. (Publishers Lunch)
July 24, 2009: Lorraine Glennon has been named senior editor at Broadway Books. She had been books editor and senior articles at Ladies' Home Journal. (Publishers Lunch)
July 24, 2009: Vanessa Mobley has been named senior editor at Broadway Books. She had been editor at Penguin Press. (Publishers Lunch)
July 24, 2009: Lisa Sepulveda has been named president of the global consumer marketing practice at Weber Shandwick. She had been North American chief executive officer at Euro RSCG Worldwide. (PRNewser)
July 23, 2009: Jason Danahy has been named senior director of East Coast sales at RockYou. He had been digital ad sales manager at the New York Post. (mb)
July 23, 2009: Robert LePlae has been named president of North American operations at McCann Erickson. He had been former president of North American operations at TBWA. (AgencySpy)
July 23, 2009: Matt Stiles has been named reporter at Texas Tribune. He had been reporter at Houston Chronicle. (FBNY)
July 23, 2009: Abby Rapoport has been named reporter at Texas Tribune. She had been 2009 legislative session intern at Texas Monthly. (FBNY)
July 23, 2009: Emily Ramshaw has been named reporter at Texas Tribune. She had been state investigative reporter at The Dallas Morning News. (FBNY)
July 23, 2009: Elisa Hu has been named reporter at Texas Tribune. She had been state political reporter at KVUE-TV in Austin. (FBNY)
July 23, 2009: Brandi Grissom has been named reporter at Texas Tribune. She had been Capitol reporter at El Paso Times. (FBNY)
July 23, 2009: Ross Ramsey has been named managing editor at Texas Tribune. He had been editor and owner at Texas Weekly. (FBNY)
July 23, 2009: James McNamara has been named brand consultant and marketing director at The Partners. He had been at LaPlaca Cohen. (release)
July 23, 2009: Geoff Nedler has been named publisher at BeWrite Books. He had been an author and freelance editor. (Publishers Lunch)
July 23, 2009: Sophie Lazar has been named editorial director for Random House Books and Business Books at Random House UK. She had been commissioning editor there. (Publishers Lunch)
July 23, 2009: Jeremy Trevathan has been named fiction publisher at Pan Macmillan. He had been publishing director there. (Publishers Lunch)
July 23, 2009: Felipe Bachian has been named creative director and partner at Ginga. He had been art director at Pulso Technology. (mb)
July 22, 2009: Jeff Pavelcsyk has been named business development manager at Clash Media. He had been senior account executive at Innovation Ads. (MediaJobsDaily)
July 22, 2009: Ned Russell has been named executive vice president and director of client services at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness. He had been vice president of brand marketing at Las Vegas Sands Corporation. (MediaJobsDaily)
July 22, 2009: Karen Kaufman has been named worldwide business development director at Maxus. She had been managing partner and head of the business planning unit at Mindshare. (MediaJobsDaily)
July 22, 2009: Dan Leif has been named associate editor at Fresh Cup. He had been copy editor at Advertising Age. (MediaJobsDaily)
July 22, 2009: Karol Nickell has been named editor-in-chief and vice president at RDA Home & Garden. She had been former editor at Better Homes and Gardens. (MediaJobsDaily)
July 22, 2009: Andrew Hersam has been named executive president vice of media at Competitor Group. He had been former publisher at Runner's World. (MediaJobsDaily)
July 22, 2009: Steve Mytinger has been named publisher at The Washington Flyer. He had been in sales management at Vocus, Inc. (FBDC)
July 22, 2009: Anne Mullen has been named senior vice president at Nickelodeon. She had been vice president of preschool production there. (FBNY)
July 22, 2009: Gareth Kay has been named director of digital strategy at Goodby. He had been head of planning at Modernista!. (AgencySpy)
July 22, 2009: Bruce Nichols has been named adult trade and reference publisher at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He had been executive editor at HarperCollins. (GalleyCat)
July 22, 2009: Paul Carr has been named columnist at TechCrunch. He had been columnist at The Guardian. (BayNewser)
July 22, 2009: Christopher Moser has been named U.K. managing director at MySpace. He had been general manager of the company's Spain and Portugal office. (WebNewser)
July 22, 2009: Shannon Levy has been named beauty director at She remains contributing editor at OnMakeup. (release)
July 21, 2009: Gary Lacinski has been named advertising sales executive at The Village Voice. He had been publisher at HX Media LLC. (mb)
July 21, 2009: Adrian Uribarri has been named staff writer at the Chi-Town Daily News. He had been staff writer at the Orlando Sentinel. (mb)
July 21, 2009: Sue Raymer has been named director of advertising at P3 Production Update. She had been account manager at the Hollywood Reporter. (mb)
July 21, 2009: Victoria Gold has been named vice president of advertising sales at She had been director of mobile ad sales at Apptera. (release)
July 21, 2009: Jose Antonio Vargas has been named technology and innovations editor at The Huffington Post. He had been national reporter at The Washington Post. (release)

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