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Revolving Door Newsletter: 09.06.11

Abramson's First Order of Business; TechCrunch's Fate In AOL's Hands

September 6, 2011
This whole Michael Arrington/TechCrunch/Crunchfund saga continues to play out. No one really seems to have any idea what exactly is going on, the least of which includes the company founder and his editorial team. MG Siegler penned a post that at least some people took to mean that TechCrunch is over if Arrington leaves. Basically, you have two massive egos (Arianna Huffington and Arrington) battling it out. One of them is going to lose. You have to think whoever does won't go quietly...

Jill Abramson begins her tenure as head of The New York Times. "With best journalists in the world working with me, I feel ready," she tweeted. Abramson lost no time shaking up the paper's masthead, bringing in two Wall Street Journal vets. Amy Chozick, a television and culture reporter, jumps to the Times as a corporate media reporter, and tech reporter Nick Wingfield settles into the same post at the Grey Lady... Former executive editor Bill Keller kicks off his new writer life with a long piece about 9/11... The Los Angeles Times started the long weekend in a depressing fashion: with a host of layoffs. They were expected -- roughly 30 people are gone from the operations department -- but it's still tough news to take...

Everybody's favorite media critic Jack Shafer is going to Reuters, where he'll cover media for the site's opinion section... WEEK staffers protested the surprise dismissal of anchor Mike Dimmick by wearing all black on-air on Friday. According to fellow anchor Garry Moore, Dimmick was "denied an opportunity to have a respectable send off."... MSLO recruits Geoffrey Darby as general manager for television and Michael Morrison as executive producer of The Martha Stewart Show... Jerry Powers resigns as CEO of Plum TV. There are rumors that he was going to be fired if he didn't step down amid reports that his financial situation is in shambles...

Tavi Gevinson launches Rookie, her online magazine. New York Magazine will sell ads while all kinds of people from Ira Glass to The Awl founders helped get the publication off the ground... The Tablet hires Maya Benton, Robin Cembalest, Joshua Cohen and a host of other people for its arts and culture department... Jack Griffin is well into his post-Time Inc. life. The former CEO launched Empirical Strategic Advisors, which will consult on media and technology companies... And there are changes at Spike TV, Shape and more...

September 6, 2011: Matt Miller has been named senior advisor at Burson-Marsteller. He had been senior advisor at White House Office of Management. (PRNewser)

September 6, 2011: Claudia Patton has been named chief talent officer at Edelman. She had been president of Southeast region there. (PRNewser)

September 6, 2011: Andrea Rogan has been named associate publisher at Fitness. She had been director at Meredith Corporate Sales. (release)

September 6, 2011: Doug Finberg has been named executive vice president of marketing at MGM. He had been owner at Finberg Worldwide. (release)

September 6, 2011: Nick Wingfield has been named technology reporter at The New York Times. He had been technology reporter at Wall Street Journal. (AdWeek)

September 6, 2011: Amy Chozick has been named corporate media reporter at The New York Times. She had been television and culture reporter at Wall Street Journal. (AdWeek)

September 6, 2011: Diana Marseille has been named vice president of media planning at Spike TV. She had been senior director of media planning there. (release)

September 6, 2011: Marcus Vanderberg has been named co-editor at FishbowlLA. He had been founding editor at SportsNewser. (FishbowlLA)

September 6, 2011: Jill Nicolini has been named reporter at WNYW-TV in New York. She had been traffic and entertainment reporter at WPIX-TV in New York. (FishbowlNY)

September 6, 2011: Joe Germscheid has been named director of consumer engagement and partner at Carmichael Lynch. He had been group director of consumer engagement there. (AgencySpy)

September 6, 2011: Elizabeth Wurtzel has been named legal correspondent and pop music critic at Tablet Magazine. She had been pop music critic at The New Yorker. (release)

September 6, 2011: Alana Newhouse has been named television critic at Tablet Magazine. She is also the editor-in-chief there. (release)

September 6, 2011: Judith Miller has been named theatre critic at Tablet Magazine. She had been contributor at Fox News Channel. (release)

September 6, 2011: Daphne Merkin has been named movies critic at Tablet Magazine. She had been contributor at New York Times Magazine. (release)

September 6, 2011: Josh Lambert has been named obscenity and Jewish culture critic at Tablet Magazine. He had been dorot assistant professor and faculty fellow at New York University. (release)

September 6, 2011: Adam Kirsch has been named books critic at Tablet Magazine. He had been senior editor at The New Republic. (release)

September 6, 2011: David Meir Grossman has been named roving critic at Tablet Magazine. He had been writer at Lapham's Quarterly. (release)

September 6, 2011: Vardit Gross has been named Israeli visual arts critic at Tablet Magazine. She had been weekly art contributor at Yedioth Aharonot. (release)

September 6, 2011: Anthony Grafton has been named museums critic at Tablet Magazine. He had been a history professor at Princeton University. (release)

September 6, 2011: David P. Goldman has been named classical music critic at Tablet Magazine. He had been managing director and head of debt research at Banc of America Securities. (release)

September 6, 2011: Joshua Cohen has been named critic-at-large at Tablet Magazine. He is the author of Witz. (release)

September 6, 2011: Adrienne Rosado has been named foreign rights manager at Nancy Yost Literary Agency. She had been director of subsidiary rights at PMA Literary & Film Mgt. (mb)

September 6, 2011: Robin Cembalest has been named galleries and art world critic at Tablet Magazine. She had been executive editor at ARTnews. (release)

September 6, 2011: Maya Benton has been named photography critic at Tablet Magazine. She had been art historian at International Center of Photography. (release)

September 6, 2011: Geoffrey Darby has been named general manager for television at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. He had been executive vice president of programming at The Weather Channel. (release)

September 6, 2011: Mark Mooney has been named vice president and regional manager of cable ad sales at The Weather Channel Companies. He had been account executive at CNN Networks. (release)

September 5, 2011: Ben Margherita has been named creative director at Shape. He had been creative director at

September 2, 2011: Mary Alice Kellogg has been named managing editor at She had been a freelance editor. (mb)

September 2, 2011: Ari Russell Bykofsky has been named founder at He had been executive producer at Sirius XM Radio. (mb)

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