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Revolving Door Newsletter: 02.14.12

Deadspin Founder Returns; W Poaches Vogue

February 14, 2012
Will Leitch returns to Deadspin. He and friend Tim Grierson, who were recently laid off by Yahoo, will be writing movie reviews and essays four to five times a week for the sports blog Leitch founded. Ironically, the only reason there is space for movie reviews is because previous editor A.J. Daulerio expanded the site's focus to include more men's magazine-type content, a decision that Leitch at least partially disagreed with (although granted, the Mattooner was talking more about the crotch shots than movie reviews). The posts will also feature on Gawker, a decision Leitch explained in typical "aw shucks" fashion on his blog: "a) I'm more comfortable using Deadspin's interface; B) [Tommy] Craggs is an easier editor to get on the phone than Daulerio; and C) Daulerio's gonna have other film coverage on Gawker and we don't want people thinking we're all there is."...

Should Rupert Murdoch just kill The Sun? That's what Simon Dumenco thinks after a host of new arrests occurred over the weekend. That would certainly cost some jobs, but it might be the best thing for News Corp. at the present moment... Ed Moss is the new president and chief executive officer at the Denver Post. He had been publisher of the San Diego Union-Tribune... W taps Marie-Amélie Sauvé as senior fashion editor. In addition to having a wonderful name, she previously served as a contributor to Vogue and Vogue Paris...

NBC decides it's time to skimp on the marketing budget. Bob Greenblatt has seen enough, even though he is spending $25 million to promote Smash. A disgruntled vet tells the New York Post's Claire Atkinson, "We launched the show and now we're getting fired."... CNN chops its staff in Jerusalem, cutting the number of staffers from 10 to six in recent weeks...

The Huffington Post moves Buck Wolf from a senior editor spot to executive editor of crime and weird news. (We thought everything on the site was crime and weird news.)... Grantland hires Alex Pappademas full time. What took so long?... Vostu, the gaming company that recently settled its lawsuit with Zynga, undergoes a number of layoffs. The reasons for doing so are unclear... And there are changes at New York Media, New York Observer and more...

February 14, 2012: Rozalia Jovanovic has been named culture reporter at New York Observer. She had been editor at Flavorpill. (FishbowlNY)

February 14, 2012: Luke Lambert has been named CEO at Gibbs & Soell. He had been president there. (PRNewser)

February 14, 2012: Manuel Martínez has been named president and general manager at WTVJ-TV in Miami. He had been president and general manager at WSCV-TV in Miami. (TVSpy)

February 14, 2012: Mark McKay has been named vice president and general manager at KTAL-TV in Shreveport, La. He had been vice president and general manager at KAMR-KCIT-KCPN-TV in Amarillo, Texas. (TVSpy)

February 14, 2012: Maria Laino DeLuca has been named vice president, trade marketing, at Bravo Media. She had been senior director of ad sales marketing there. (release)

February 14, 2012: Jamie Horowitz has been named vice president, original programming and production, at ESPN. He had been coordinating producer there. (release)

February 14, 2012: Bob Wheelock has been named executive producer for the Americas at Al Jazeera English. He had been senior producer at ABC News. (FishbowlDC)

February 14, 2012: Ethan Bronner has been named legal affairs editor at The New York Times. He had been Jerusalem bureau chief there. (FishbowlNY)

February 14, 2012: Jodi Rudoren has been named Jerusalem bureau chief at The New York Times. She had been education editor there. (FishbowlNY)

February 14, 2012: Jacqueline Stone has been named senior vice president, marketing, at Spanfeller Media Group. She had been senior vice president of marketing at WebMD. (FishbowlNY)

February 14, 2012: Rose Tilson has been named executive director of integrated marketing at Cooking Light and MyRecipes. She had been director of integrated ad sales marketing, food, at Scripps Networks Digital. (FishbowlNY)

February 14, 2012: John D'Angelo has been named vice president at CJones & Associates Public Relations. He had been senior account executive there. (mb)

February 14, 2012: Charlotte Steinway has been named assistant editor at She had been editorial assistant at (mb)

February 14, 2012: Amanda Wills has been named content manager at She had been managing editor at (mb)

February 13, 2012: Marie-Amelie Sauve has been named senior fashion editor at W. She had been contributor at Vogue. (FishbowlNY)

February 12, 2012: Samuel Homburger has been named account manager at New York Media. He had been account executive at Longboard Media. (mb)

February 11, 2012: Ahmad Childress has been named editorial director at Machinima. He had been executive editor at CraveOnline. (mb)

February 11, 2012: Buck Wolf has been named executive editor, crime and weird news, at Huffington Post. He had been senior editor there. (mb)

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