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Jackie Stone, Spanfeller Media Group's SVP of Marketing, on the Web's Early Days

Advice from a marketing exec who has worked in the digital space since 1995

- January 15, 2014

When Jackie Stone was hired as an account supervisor for the Promotion Development Group in the spring of 1995, she was asked to help build client sites for a new and exciting platform called the World Wide Web. Since then, she's worked at a slew of digital media sites and agencies, including, Beliefnet, AOL and Digitas. These days, Stone wears multiple hats as the senior vice president of marketing at Spanfeller Media Group, whose content sites are The Daily Meal and The Active Times.

In this video, Stone talks about those early days of digital, describes the innovative video content strategies she spearheaded at The Daily Meal and offers sage advice to aspiring marketing professionals.

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