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June 11, 2014
I had the chance recently to interview self-described career enthusiast Nicole Williams, the author of three best-selling books on achieving job success and founder of WORKS by Nicole Williams, a lifestyle site that offers career advice and motivation to young female professionals. It made perfect sense when in 2011 LinkedIn tapped Williams to be its official career expert.

By now, most of us should understand the importance of having a LinkedIn profile. But what's really going to set you apart from your job-seeking competition -- and get a recruiter to actually reach out to you? According to Williams, the top three tips for optimizing your profile are uploading a photo (a professional one!), incorporating your entire work history (even if you think past jobs are irrelevant to positions you seek) and sharing quality content with your followers. "Sharing [content] demonstrates that you're active in your career, you're invested in your career and you're not just looking to take," said Williams.

Another great piece of advice from Williams, which I've since started heeding, is to avoid the standard "I'd like to connect with you" line when sending LinkedIn invites. Send a personal message to your potential new connection, so the person knows why you want to connect and feels like you are indeed a worthy contact.

Valerie Berrios
Managing Editor, Mediabistro

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Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Added 217K Jobs In May, Unemployment Unchanged (Forbes)
Jobs numbers released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics were better than what economists were predicting, leading the markets to pick up steam in early trading. Non-farm payrolls added 217,000 jobs in May, slightly above the 215,000 that economists were expecting. The unemployment rate, which is drawn from a different survey of households, remained unchanged at 6.3 percent and is 0.1 percent better than the 6.4 percent consensus.

How To Source: Lesson One -- Where's Your Shadow? (Fistful of Talent / Kelly Dingee)
Sixteen years ago, I threw down my HR/recruiter hat and became a sourcer. It was the dark ages of sourcing where we all read, trained and tried to find our way. Teams of sourcers? Non-existent. Most recruiters tried to fit the Internet into their day if a) it was allowed and b) they weren’t on a call. Times have changed. But most times, those venturing into sourcing are feeling overwhelmed.

Job Seeker Burnout: What It Is and 6 Ways to Cope (Idealist Careers)
Between long hours, financial pressure and the psychic weight of the work a lot of us do, feeling overextended and exhausted in our jobs is a common problem. But there's another kind of burnout that people in every field stand to encounter. It's job seeker burnout. Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, stuck, stressed and over it when you're looking for work can be just as trying as when you're at work.

Getting Outside the Box: The 5 Behaviors of Successful Leaders (TLNT)
If I had to pick just one piece of business advice that's become pure cliché over the past few decades, I'd select "think outside the box." However, the intent has merit. As the team leader, you require a clear view that's not hemmed in. This will allow you to take full advantage of your own knowledge and other resources, including those of your colleagues and team members, to blast off the lid or otherwise dismantle the proverbial box.

Q&A: Tips From a Serial Job Interviewer (WSJ / At Work)
Sofia Faruqi went through 100 job interviews so you don't have to. From 2007 to 2013, as she worked her way through school, Faruqi, 28, interviewed at 40 different firms in the financial-services industry. Eleven of those firms offered her a job, and she accepted four of those offers. She now works as a portfolio manager -- and informally advises job seekers on the side.

The Job Market's Five-Year Recovery in 10 Charts (FiveThirtyEight / Economics)
Six-and-a-half years after the Great Recession began -- and five years after it officially ended -- the U.S. has finally surpassed its precrisis employment peak. But the job market is far from fully healed. It took 76 months to regain the nearly 9 million jobs lost in the recession, making this by far the slowest jobs recovery since World War II.

3 Things You Need to Know About the Battle to Raise Minimum Wage (The Hiring Site)
You may remember President Obama addressing the topic of raising the minimum wage in his state of the union address: "Raising the minimum wage will make sure no family of four with a full-time worker has to raise their children in poverty." Since then, some places have made progress on this front -- while others have faced an uphill climb. Here are three things you ought to know about the battle to raise minimum wage as it stands today.

Should You Use Social Media to Build a Professional Presence? (LinkedIn / Todd Greider)
By now, I believe we can assume that many of us are using social media in some capacity of our personal lives. For some, it means using multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and even Pinterest. However, is it right for you on a professional level? The answer is maybe.

LinkedIn Says It Will Start Aggregating U.S. Job Listings (
As of June 2, LinkedIn began offering hundreds of thousands of jobs aggregated from the career sites and applicant tracking systems of U.S. employers who don't prohibit it. These "Limited Listings" supplement a nearly similar number of listings employers pay for, but they'll be made available only to LinkedIn members who actively search for them -- and will be cleaned of an employer's paid listings to avoid duplication.

'How Soon Can I Take Vacation?' and Other Questions to Avoid Asking During an Interview (MediaJobsDaily)
Have you ever asked an interviewer at the conclusion of the interview for feedback as in, "Hey man, how'd I do?" Probably not, right? And if you did ask the question, how'd that work out for you? Important as it is to ask questions at the end of each job interview, it's just as important to steer clear of any questions that are downright inappropriate and lack tact.

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