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July 9, 2014
Summer is the time of year when interns are hard at work, earning valuable experience, developing new skills, establishing a work ethic, and making those ever-important connections that could lead to full-time employment down the line. And, of course, this is mutually beneficial to employers, who are able to tap new talent in the form of young professionals eager to make a lasting impression. Even tech giants such as LinkedIn, Google and Amazon know the value of interns -- they're recruiting high schoolers (and paying them too) to cut their teeth on tasks like coding.

Internships do have their downsides, as Mediabistro's own editorial intern, Andrew Russo, acknowledges in his "Media Intern" posts on MediaJobsDaily. There's the pressure to be skilled at multiple disciplines (being a "one-man band," as he calls it) when some colleges lack the access to training students need to do these skills well. And, in the case of journalism internships, the lack of opportunity would-be interns encounter pretty much anywhere outside of New York City.

On the positive side, when the going gets rough interns can turn to other interns for advice (and perhaps to act as a sounding board) -- and find mentors in their supervisors, most of whom are happy to impart words of wisdom. Hey, we were interns, too.

Valerie Berrios
Managing Editor, Mediabistro

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