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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

February 10, 2010
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The New Year really is the start of something. We're just never sure what. The market is flooded with plenty of employment related revisions and restatements that seem to go every which way. Temporary staffing, which some consider a leading indicator, is up, while actual job loss in 2009 was worse than previously reported -- a lot worse. But not to worry, the unemployment rate dropped last month and here at we had lots of posting activity -- more than 1,000 jobs! So is it time for the underemployed among us to jump back into the market? Here's what our one minute mentor has to say.

Speaking of facts and figures, we found some nice numbers about one company's sourcing strategy which seem to prove that social media is working for recruitment. That's surprising if you believe this: In one survey, 70 percent of hiring managers said they chose not to hire someone because of what they found online. (Maybe that embarrassing photo on Facebook matters after all.)

Of course, with a new year come new ideas. How about recruiting candidates who are "just good enough" or are downright "angry" with their job? If you are looking for new -- I mean really new -- employees, read up on what some Gen Y-ers are saying about their preferences.

But the best job advice for 2010 comes in the form of a common reminder: The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Bill Conneely,
Director, Job Market

Temp Staffing Adds 250,000 Jobs In Past Four Months (American Staffing Association)
Temporary staffing, a leading employment indicator, continued its strong growth in January, adding 52,000 new jobs, making this month the strongest January in the 20 years the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been measuring temporary help. The sector has added nearly 250,000 jobs over the past four months.

Unemployment Revised: What's Another 617,000 More Jobs Lost Among Friends? (Seeking Alpha)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its revised job loss numbers for 2009 recently, finding that there were an extra 617,000 jobs lost over the year, or 51,000 jobs more per month than the government projected.

The Concept of "Good Enough" and Your Talent Strategy: Who's the Customer? (HR Capitalist)
"Do you really need the MBA on your support desk? Shouldn't we rightfully be worried that they're going to run at the first job offer that better matches their five year plan of world domination with their MBA?"

What Gen Y Wants (Human Resource Executive Online)
Seniors at Wharton explained what a company would have to do to get them, the country's new generation of B-school hotshots, on board. Some takeaways? A positive impact on the world, feedback, and plenty of social media.

Social Media Recruiting Paying Off at Crowe Horwath (
ERE looks at the case study of Crowe Horwath, a professional services firm; in the first six months of the company's current fiscal year, 20 percent of its hires have come from social media. (That doesn't beat the 36 percent of hires that came through referrals, though!)

The Possibility of Not Getting a Job Because of those Jell-O shots (One Louder)
Background checks are one thing, but searching online? "So what if your candidate likes to dress up in a bunny suit as long as they don't do it at work? They call it 'personal' time for a reason. I don't judge."

Recruiting for Innovators? Hire Angry People! (
John Sullivan isn't suggesting you hire people who kick puppy dogs, but rather that you look for passionate people who are discontent with things no longer working as they should. Angry people are self-motivated, driven, and undervalued. Here's how to find them.

Ha, Ha: "Best Job in the World" Comes With Tiny Deadly Jellies (MediaJobsDaily)
Even great jobs have their downsides. Maybe your company has a fantastic work/life balance philosophy, but your boss is a micromanaging idiot. Or maybe your work environment is filled with deadly stinging jellyfish. Whatever. It happens.

One Minute Mentor: How Do I Know When It's Time to Move on from a Company? (
Our newest series, One Minute Mentor, presents short and sweet career advice from top media professionals. In our first installment, Jay Lauf, vice president and publisher of The Atlantic, weighs in with insights on his own job moves.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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