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Revolving Door Newsletter: 11.12.10

The Newsweek Daily Beast Co. Is Here; Rachael Ray Gets EIC

November 12, 2010
In a scoop that at least two outlets label "exclusive," Newsweek and The Daily Beast will merge after all. Tina Brown officially announced the news very early Friday morning, meaning media pundits could finally go to sleep. As the former Talk editrix wrote, "Some weddings take longer to plan than others," a cheeky way of admitting the talks dragged on and on. The two publications will split editorial duties 50-50, with Brown in charge of both, although Sidney Harman will get the day-to-day role he covets. FishbowlNY has the original scoop on Brown's talks with Newsweek back in August...

The fallout from the forthcoming ESPN tell-all book is going to be amazing to watch. If The Big Lead is to be believed, the company has already decided not to renew the contract of one anchor based on damaging dirt in the manuscript -- and the book doesn't even hit stands until May 2011. Elsewhere at the Worldwide Leader, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan got the old "don't let the door hit you on the way out" after 21 years at the helm of Sunday Night Baseball. Orel Hershiser, Dan Shulman, and Bobby Valentine will replace the duo just as soon as it's politically palatable to announce the news... Lou Dobbs signs a multi-year contract with Fox Business News. He'll host a show and offer commentary on other programs across the network. The man who shocked CNN by leaving mid-week last year just wants to be a team player. Really, the only question is why this took so long... NBC poaches Atia Abawi from CNN. She'll work as a freelancer from Afghanistan, while Abbie Boudreau moves to ABC...

Former Prevention EIC Liz Vaccariello will be working every day with Rachael Ray at the cooking icon's eponymous magazine... Brian Moran slides into the managing editor role at Broadcasting & Cable... The Hill recruits Sam Youngman and Christian Heinze as weekly columnists...

Google gives its employees a 10 percent raise. Well, expect for the one who leaked the memo announcing the news; that staffer got fired. Meanwhile, Yahoo -- which poached Wayne Powers from Time Inc.'s Media Group to serve as head of North American advertising sales -- looks like it might soon cut 20 percent of its workforce... Jack Dorsey returns to Twitter, two years after being pushed out of the CEO position by Ev Williams, who himself stepped down from that spot in October. It sounds as though both co-founders are working on "product," which could get awkward... David Lebow takes over casual gaming firm Oberon Media as the company announces $16 million in funding... Blake Gernstetter joins LivingSocial as assistant editor. She had been editor and social media coordinator at And there are changes at New York, The Gazette, and more...

November 12, 2010: Jon Walker has been named home furnishings manager at Traditional Home. He had been direct account manager there. (FBNY)

November 12, 2010: Jay Leveton has been named worldwide executive vice president at Burson-Marsteller. He had been chief executive officer at Proof Integrated Communications. (PRNewser)

November 12, 2010: Cheryll Forsatz has been named director of public relations at McDonald's. She had been head of consumer public relations at MWW Group. (PRNewser)

November 12, 2010: Blake Gernstetter has been named assistant editor at LivingSocial. She had been editor and social media coordinator at (mb)

November 12, 2010: Alessandra Bastagli has been named senior editor at Free Press. She had been executive editor at Palgrave Macmillan. (Publishers Lunch)

November 12, 2010: Andrea Walker has been named editor at Reagan Arthur Books. She had been associate editor there. (Publishers Lunch)

November 12, 2010: Emilie Erwin has been named public relations executive at Schubert Communications, Inc.. She had been sales coordinator at National Cable Communications. (release)

November 12, 2010: Alex Leo has been named director of social marketing at The Huffington Post. She had been senior editor there. (mb)

November 11, 2010: Brenda Copeland has been named executive editor at St. Martin's Press. She had been executive editor at Hyperion. (Publishers Lunch)

November 11, 2010: Lori Benton has been named vice president and publisher at Scholastic Trade Publishing. She had been general manager and publisher, fiction division, at Capstone Publishers. (Publishers Lunch)

November 11, 2010: Lynnore Thames has been named associate director, rights & clearances and permissions, at ABC News. She had been rights & clearances manager there. (release)

November 10, 2010: Christian Heinze has been named columnist at The Hill. She was the founder of GOP.12. (FBDC)

November 10, 2010: Sam Youngman has been named columnist at The Hill. He had been a White House correspondent. (FBDC)

November 10, 2010: Liz Vaccariello has been named editor-in-chief at Every Day with Rachael Ray. She had been editor-in-chief at Prevention. (FBNY)

November 10, 2010: Matthew Knell has been named social media director at AOL. He had been director of emerging and social media strategy at CafeMom. (Webnewser)

November 10, 2010: Atia Abawi has been named freelance journalist at NBC. He had been foreign correspondent at CNN. (TVNewser)

November 10, 2010: Abbie Boudreau has been named general assignment reporter at ABC News. She had been investigative correspondent at CNN. (TVNewser)

November 10, 2010: Lou Dobbs has been named host at Fox Business Network. He had been anchor at CNN. (TVNewser)

November 10, 2010: Mona Bass has been named director of classified advertisement at The Gazette (Maryland). She had been sales manager at The Fayetteville Observer. (mb)

November 10, 2010: Douglas Hayes has been named associate publisher at The Gazette (Maryland). He had been director of advertising there. (mb)

November 10, 2010: Norman Vanamee has been named editor-in-chief at Garden Design. He had been editor at Sherman's Travel. (mb)

November 10, 2010: Jenny Miller has been named assistant editor, Grub Street, at New York. She had been Eat Out writer at Time Out New York. (mb)

November 10, 2010: J.J. Smith has been named editor at Government Video. He had been editor/online manager at The Society for Human Resource Management. (mb)

November 9, 2010: Lauren Carnali has been named contracts associate at Hachette Book Group. She had been contracts associate at Sterling Publishing Company Inc. (mb)

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