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Revolving Door Newsletter: 1.6.12

The Daily's Latest News; The AP Gets Social

January 6, 2012
In a surprise move, the Daily News loses editor-in-chief Kevin Convey who is replaced by former News of the World man Colin Myler. Capital New York (which is increasingly providing excellent coverage of the New York media world) hears there was "shock" and "amazement" in the newsroom after the announcement, while Convey was "blindsided." The bigger picture story here is how Myler's poaching raises the stakes between the News and Rupert Murdoch's New York Post even more. The new EIC worked at NofW between 2007 and its shuttering in 2011...

The Village Voice loses a fixture as J. Hoberman is let go after 29 years as a staff writer and 24 as chief film critic. He saw it coming, telling the Daily Intel: "I was shocked, but not surprised."... The Associated Press promotes Eric Carvin to social media editor... Reuters grabs Newsweek's Sharon Begley as a senior correspondent for health and science... Chaunce Hayden is out as editor-in-chief of northern New Jersey's Steppin' Out. There is major drama between him and SO founder and publisher Larry Collins. Something about a house listing seems to be the root of the cause, but we'll know more when the lawsuits are settled. Ad salesman Dan Lorenzo is the new EIC while Hayden jumps to new rival Metropolis Nights...

Jeff Glor takes over as anchor of CBS Evening News' Sunday edition. He'll remain a correspondent to CBS This Morning. Glor replaces Russ Mitchell, who jumped to an NBC affiliate in Cleveland... Fox News D.C. snags Jeremy Settle and Sean McGarvy while promoting Seleena Muhammad to operations manager... CNN lands Amy Entelis, a former vice president of talent and strategy at ABC News...

PaidContent finally hires a senior editor for its West Coast operations, getting Daniel Frankel to move away from The Wrap... Gawker Media fires Seth Abramovitch after his terrible DONDA joke (justifiably) offended the Internet. Unrelated, there are 20 other changes in the company's editorial offices as well, including Stephen Totilo's promotion to editor-in-chief of Kotaku... And there are changes at the Better Homes and Gardens, New York Media and more...

January 6, 2012: Nicole Catanese has been named fitness director at Self. She had been senior beauty features editor there. (FishbowlNY)

January 6, 2012: Michael Leiter has been named counterterrorism, cybersecurity and national security analyst at NBC News. He had been director at National Counterterrorism Center. (TVNewser)

January 5, 2012: Danielle Stein has been named features director at Town & Country. She had been features editor there. (mb)

January 5, 2012: Oma Blaise Ford has been named executive editor at Better Homes and Gardens. She had been senior deputy editor, home design, there. (release)

January 5, 2012: Betsy Braun has been named program director at WCVB-TV in Boston and WMUR-TV in Manchester, Mass. She had been vice president of programming at NBC Universal Television. (TVSpy)

January 5, 2012: Christine Haas has been named anchor at KNSD-TV in San Diego. She had been anchor at KHOU-TV in Houston. (TVSpy)

January 5, 2012: Rick Jacobs has been named news director at KGW-TV in Portland. He had been assistant news director there. (TVSpy)

January 5, 2012: Phyllis Schwartz has been named vice president and news director at WFLD-TV in Chicago. She had been news director at WLS-TV in Chicago. (TVSpy)

January 5, 2012: Jeff Glor has been named anchor at CBS Evening News. He will continue as special correspondent at CBS This Morning. (TVNewser)

January 5, 2012: Amy Entelis has been named senior vice president for talent and content development at CNN Worldwide. She had been VP of talent and strategy at ABC News. (TVNewser)

January 5, 2012: Brian Brooks has been named film editor at He had been managing editor at Indiewire. (FishbowlLA)

January 5, 2012: Jamie Gentner has been named copy editor at Las Vegas Sun. She had been copy editor at Siskiyou Daily News. (FishbowlLA)

January 5, 2012: Tovin Lapan has been named metro reporter at Las Vegas Sun. He had been staff reporter at Santa Cruz Sentinal. (FishbowlLA)

January 5, 2012: Andrea Domanick has been named entertainment writer at Las Vegas Sun. She had been music writer at LA Weekly. (FishbowlLA)

January 5, 2012: Rebecca Woolf has been named host of ChildStyle. She had been blogger at Girl's Gone Child. (FishbowlLA)

January 5, 2012: Philip Brasher has been named editor of the Executive Briefing on Agriculture and Food at CQ Roll Call. He had been correspondent at Des Moines Register. (FishbowlDC)

January 5, 2012: Eric Carvin has been named social media editor at Associated Press. He had been news producer of Nerve Center there. (FishbowlNY)

January 5, 2012: Colin Myler has been named editor-in-chief at New York Daily News. He had been editor at News of The World. (FishbowlNY)

January 5, 2012: Michelle Spinale has been named executive marketing director at Health. She had been senior vice president, marketing and promotions, at 4Kids Entertainment. (FishbowlNY)

January 5, 2012: Lisa Hanock-Jasie has been named public relations manager at The One Club. She had been PR, social media and marketing consultant. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Steve Griwowsky has been named director at Griwowsky/Davidson Productions. He had been artistic head at Angry Productions. (mb)

January 4, 2012: David Dunn has been named vice president of eCommerce at Interweave. He had been director of eCommerce there. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Vanessa Cognard has been named associate publisher, advertising sales, at Prevention. She had been advertising director at More. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Ian Lane has been named integrated marketing manager at New York Media. He had been account director at One Source Visual Marketing Solutions. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Stephanie Tuck has been named SVP at DKC. She had been entertainment director at Men's Health. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Merle White has been named editorial director of the jewelry group at Interweave. She had been editor-in-chief of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist there. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Anita Osterhaug has been named editor at Handwoven. She had been eMedia project manager at Interweave. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Julie Macdonald has been named vice president of media sales at Interweave. She had been media sales director there. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Mary Walter has been named technical editor at Interweave. She had been designer and teacher at A Quilters Garden Quilt Shop. (mb)

January 4, 2012: Rachel Glickman has been named vice president, client strategy and services, at Hearst Magazines. She had been general manager at Woman's Day Digital. (FishbowlNY)

January 4, 2012: Thomas J. Smith has been named vice president, technology and strategy, at Hearst Magazines. He had been senior director of technology at Hearst Magazines Shared Applications. (FishbowlNY)

January 4, 2012: Jim Mortko has been named vice president, engineering and production, at Hearst Magazines. He had been senior director there. (FishbowlNY)

January 3, 2012: Michaela Duckett has been named editor at She had been features writer at (mb)

January 3, 2012: Kasey Hott has been named anchor and videojournalist at WGBA-TV in Green Bay, Wis. She had been weekend anchor and reporter at WVIR-TV in Charlottesville, Va. (mb)

January 3, 2012: Annie Fast has been named director, content strategy for Network A, at Bedrocket Media Ventures. She had been editor-in-chief at TransWorld SNOWboarding. (mb)

January 3, 2012: Vincent Lalo has been named editor-in-chief at He had been managing editor at Los Angeles Times. (mb)

January 3, 2012: Gary Kleinman has been named senior vice president of sales at He had been national sales director at DC Entertainment. (mb)

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