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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

March 14, 2012
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There are more than 3 million job openings in the U.S., which should be good news for job seekers. The problem, however, is finding candidates with the right skill sets for the open positions. CareerBuilder recently launched a new job skills project to help bridge the gap between unemployed workers and high-demand skills. Their theory is that unemployed workers have the work ethic to excel in a position but just need specialized training. Hopefully, other employers will take note of this project and realize what a worthy investment employee training and development can be. I'm with CareerBuilder that this could even improve employee retention.

For hiring managers who aren't able to spend time training new hires, niche staffing agencies could offer a solution that benefits both employers and job seekers. By having a specialty, like working mothers or interim executives, firms can stand out and fill vacancies.

While it would be nice for employers (and even temp agencies) to carry a little more responsibility in training for hard-to-fill positions, job seekers who aren't getting contacted should reevaluate their strategy. Going over your resume and cover letter with a certified resume writer can give you a fresh, professional perspective on what's not working. Brush up on your interview skills too. Employers who lead a tough job interview have more long-term success with their hires, so job seekers should be prepared. Have mock interviews with friends to make sure you're not coming off too arrogant or disinterested, which employers rank as some of the top reasons for rejecting candidates.

If all the job advice out there has your head spinning, take refuge in Jackie Collins' success story. The author refused to go to college and opted to follow her dream of writing, despite everyone suggesting otherwise. And, 400 million copies later, I'd say her strategy worked.

Jacky Carter
Community Manager

Economy Beats Analysts' Estimates to Add 227,000 Jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The economy added 227,000 jobs, beating analysts' expectations, even as the unemployment rate remained steady at 8.3 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced. The biggest job gains were for temps (+45,000), health care (+61,000) and restaurants and bars (+41,000). The employment situations for December and January were revised upwards to show an extra 60,000 jobs were added in those months.

More Join Labor Department's Employee Misclassification Pact (
The Labor Department has signed new memorandums of understanding with Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and the Louisiana Workforce Commission, bringing the number of state agencies it is working with to 14. The government is aiming to end what it calls "the business practice of misclassifying employees (as independent contractors) in order to avoid providing employment protections."

How Staffing Companies Will Stand Out in 2012 (Monster Thinking)
"The 'big squeeze' in the staffing industry will continue in 2012 as clients maintain downward pressure on rates, reduce the number of staffing vendors and recruiters they work with, and demand perfection from an American workforce of uneven quality."

The More You Hire Tough, The More You Can Manage Easy (
If you find your team a pain to work with, maybe you didn't screen them well enough. Do the work upfront and you'll only have to do it once, rather than every day, says recruiting authority Mel Kleiman.

That Thing You Think You Don't Want... May Be Exactly What You Need! (HR Chatterbox)
What do you do if a business owner has a position that's gone unfilled for six months but swears he doesn't want a recruiter? Most of the reluctance comes from the thought that someone's asking for money. But wouldn't it be worth it, asks recruiter Sabrina Baker, to have qualified candidates delivered in weeks?

"Um, What Company is this Again?" Candidates' Most Cringe-Worthy Interview Mistakes (The Hiring Site)
It seems too fantastic to believe, but candidates continue to defy expectations with these cringe-worthy interview mistakes. Have a good laugh.

The One HR Metric (Fistful of Talent)
In a room of 40 HR pros, William Tincup got 33 different responses to the question "If you could only measure one HR metric, what would it be and why?" (Note to self: people care about some random @$$ s#*t.) The more popular answers included engagement, ROI and turnover, but guess what? Tincup says none of these should be the most important metric.

Would You Hire This Woman? (
She's 75 years old and has no college degree. Would it change your mind to know we're talking about Jackie Collins? Read's exclusive interview with the international bestseller.

Closing the Gap Between the Unemployed and Job Openings (The Hiring Site)
CareerBuilder is midway through a pilot project that will train unemployed workers with new skills. If successful, the model could be extended to be run by companies facing a skills shortage.

I'm UnPinterested (Fistful of Talent)
Pinterest has nothing to offer HR pros, says Tim Sackett. "I could really care less that you have a watch fetish, or a shoe fetish, or that you love bathroom designs, or that you collect photos of baby seals it really doesn't matter to me."

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, editor,

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