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Media Jobs Monthly Newsletter

May 8, 2013
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What wins the recruitment wars? A cutting edge HR department. This means your staff needs to be self aware, well dressed and resourceful, and your top HR person should be in a C-level position with strategic functions.

On the recruitment side, seek out agents who represent top talent and don't worry so much if that talent lacks a college degree. They might actually be a better fit if their volunteer experiences or causes align with your company's (or hiring manager's) core values.

It's also a good idea to become data-driven. Implement a system for measuring success and performance among employees; then, look for more employees like your top performers. And promote within to keep turnover rates low and retain star staffers. Technology wise, use job boards, go mobile and have a social media presence.

Easy, right? Happy hiring!

Steve Kapsinow
Product Manager

April Employment Report Better Than Expected (BLS)
The economy added 165,000 jobs in April, more than most analysts had expected, according to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That same report also revised the number of jobs added to the economy in February and March from 268,000 and 88,000 to 332,000 and 138,000, respectively. Meanwhile, government employment continued to slow, a trend that should not be expected to change any time soon with sequestration in effect.

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful (And Young) HR Pros (FoT)
Don't be a sucky person, look the part, and move all the mountains all the time. These are three of the seven rules that you need to follow to be a "real" HR pro, not some sort of rule-enforcing robot. Do you agree?

10 Top Tips, Tools and Techniques to Attract Talent (
First on the list is to identify your UEP: your unique employment proposition. What do you have to offer that nobody else does? Other tips: don't help your competition and change where and how you advertise.

3 Cutting-Edge Talent Management Practices from the Valley (
If Silicon Valley is to be believed, the war for talent is back, and if you do good work it doesn't matter what your paper credentials are. Is this a trend? John Sullivan thinks so, but perhaps only time will tell.

The Truth Behind 6 Recruiting Myths (The Hiring Site)
Big data is not a buzzword, job boards are not dead and employers do need a mobile strategy. If you find yourself disagreeing with any of these statements, it may be time for a reality check.

Can't Hire? Bump Up Your Pay (The Hiring Site)
Seems like common sense, but, if you're having trouble making a hire, you may have to bite the bullet and increase the offered salary. CareerBuilder says that a 10 percent increase in salary typically results in a 7 percent increase in applicants.

More Than 1 Million LinkedIn Users Have Added Causes to Their Profiles (LinkedIn)
More than a million LinkedIn users have filled out the "Volunteer Experience and Causes" sections on their profiles. They are mostly, but not solely, Millennials and the addition says a lot about how the workforce is changing and mobilizing for good causes.

Tuesdays See Highest Mobile Job Seeker Traffic (MediaJobsDaily)
According to, most mobile traffic comes to job boards on Tuesdays. Maybe Mondays are too stressful, but on Tuesdays employees are realizing that they're really, really sick of their current job?

How to Get a Job in Advertising (Mediabistro)
What are your tips for breaking into this competitive field? Writer Joel Schwartzberg suggests perfecting the portfolio, talking results and being oh so persistent.

--Compiled by Rachel Kaufman, co-editor,

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