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Revolving Door Newsletter: 09.22.06

How Much Life Left In It?

September 22, 2006
How many Time Inc. employees would have been spared in the magazine giant's rounds of cost-cutting this year if Life magazine had never been resurrected? Well, considering that the approximately 500 buyout and layoff victims to date were part of a move to save $100 million in costs, the powers-that-be could have kept 70 percent of them, according to a report by Keith Kelly in today's New York Post. Life is apparently losing $35 million a year as it approaches the second anniversary of its rebirth as a newspaper insert. Kelly isn't betting the magazine won't last much longer, although of all the employees at Time Inc., Life editor Bill Shapiro insists his staff may be the safest -- they all have contracts lasting at least three years. It's good to know someone has job security over there...

Speaking of the Post, editor Corynne Steindler has gamely made the leap to Page Six, replacing the departed Chris Wilson (who's now an editor at Maxim)... The latest dead magazine refugees to land: former Shop Etc. advertising director Christopher Cormier (now executive beauty director of Cosmo) and former Teen People junior account manager Courtney Lawson (now an account manager at Rodale's Prevention Specials)... You know that the Web 2.0 wave is cresting when the founder of Facebook won't get out of bed to negotiate the billion-dollar sale of his company, and The New York Times hires a "futurist-in-residence." The futurist in this case, isn't some 22-year-old, but the highly respected former Washington Post/Newsweek digital exec Michael Rogers. As for what he'll be up to at the Times, your guess is as good as ours... Oh, and get this: Condé Nast Portfolio hired somebody. The latest dream team addition is from The Wall Street Journal (who woulda thunk it?): Wall Street Journal Books editorial director Ken Wells. He's coming aboard as a senior editor...

Trena Keating is the new editor-in-chief of Dutton, leaving that post behind at Plume... Alibris has lured a couple of new execs from much more glamorous Web companies, including new director of corporate development Manjari Bhatia (who had been a director at IAC) and new VP of sales and marketing Jeanie Bunker (who had been VP of global marketing at Yahoo)... Ken Wright has joined Writers House as an agent, leaving behind Scholastic, where he had been VP/associate publisher and editorial director for nonfiction and reference... Mitch Horowitz is the new editor-in-chief of Tarcher-Penguin...

Jess Cagle is a new assistant managing editor at People, trading in his editor-at-large title... Karen Eldad leaves Cosmo to become fashion advertising director of Surface... CBS exec Mary McGinnis is headed to academia, specifically the broadcast journalism program at SUNY Stony Brook... And there are more changes this week at CosmoGIRL!, Sport Diver, Islands, The International Herald Tribune, and more...


September 22, 2006: Richard Hewitt has been named corporate controller at Alibris . (Publishers Lunch)
September 22, 2006: Manjari C. Bhatia has been named director of corporate development at Alibris . She had been a director at IAC/InterActiveCorp. (Publishers Lunch)
September 22, 2006: Jeanie Bunker has been named vice president of sales and marketing at Alibris . She had been vice president of global direct marketing at Yahoo. (Publishers Lunch)
September 22, 2006: Trena Keating has been named editor-in-chief at Dutton. She had been editor-in-chief and associate publisher at Plume. (Publishers Lunch)
September 22, 2006: Michael Desmond has been named editor at Redmond Developer News. He had been editor-at-large at Redmond magazine. (mb)
September 22, 2006: Emily Kate Warren has been named associate beauty editor at CosmoGIRL!. She had been assistant beauty editor there. (mb)
September 21, 2006: Meredith Artley has been named digital development director at the International Herald Tribune and international director for (mb)
September 21, 2006: Marcy McGinnis has been named interim director of the broadcast journalism program at Stony Brook University's School of Journalism. She had been senior news executive at CBS. (mb)
September 21, 2006: Jess Cagle has been named assitant managing editor at People. He had been editor-at-large there. (mb)
September 20, 2006: Ken Wright has been named agent at Writers House. He had been vp/associate publisher and editorial director for nonfiction and reference at Scholastic. (Publishers Lunch)
September 20, 2006: Elizabeth Bewley has been named senior editor at Intervisual Books/Piggy Toes Press. She had been at St. Martin's. (Publishers Lunch)
September 20, 2006: Mitch Horowitz has been promoted to editor-in-chief at Tarcher-Penguin. (Publishers Lunch)
September 20, 2006: Courtney Lawson has been named account manager at Prevention Specials. She had been junior account manager at Teen People. (release)
September 20, 2006: Tina Johnson has been named vice president at Women's Health. She had been editor-in-chief there. (release)
September 20, 2006: Carolyn Pascal has been named publisher at Islands. She had been publisher at Sport Diver. (release)
September 20, 2006: Keren Eldad has been named fashion advertising director at Surface. She had been account executive at Cosmopolitan. (release)
September 20, 2006: Betty Lyn Walters-Eller has been named advertising manager at O at Home. She had been lifestyle director at Shop Etc.. (release)
September 20, 2006: Michael Rogers has been named futurist-in-residence at The New York Times. He had been principal at Practical Futurist. (mb)
September 19, 2006: Christopher Cormier has been named executive beauty director at Cosmopolitan. He had been advertising director at Shop Etc.. (mb)
September 19, 2006: Brooke Morton has been named associate editor of Sport Diver. She had been a freelance writer. (mb)

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