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Pitching An Agent: Offering 'Total Involvement With The Project'

This agent seeks writers schooled in current affairs to collaborate on multiple projects

May 7, 2007
Name: Tracy Brown Literary Agency
Number of agents: One
Number of clients: 30
Notable clients: Esther Perel (Mating in Captivity), Courtney E. Martin (Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters), Jessica Valenti (Full Frontal Feminism), Clifton Leaf (Why We're Losing the War on Cancer), Lucette Lagnado (The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit), Lisa Garrigues (Writing Motherhood), Maggie Estep (Flamethrower)
Amount of unsolicited material accepted: 5 percent
Fiction vs. nonfiction: 20 percent fiction vs. 80 percent nonfiction