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Revolving Door Newsletter: 05.25.07

Will Dennis Publishing Maxim-ize Its Profit?

May 25, 2007
Will the employees of Maxim, Stuff, and Blender have a new owner on Monday? Bids for Felix Dennis' magazine stable were due this past Wednesday, Keith Kelly reports in today's New York Post, but it's still unclear whether anyone offered enough cash to convince Dennis to part with them. Considering how notoriously lean Dennis runs those magazines, it'll be difficult trying to find fat to cut... Speaking of cutting, the new owner of Primedia's Enthusiast titles has already laid off 30 people in the circulation department. That didn't take very long...

The business magazine arms race officially has a combatant besides Portfolio. On the heels of poaching Allan Sloan away from Newsweek, Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer has officially awarded Robert Perino the design director job and lured writer Daniel Gross away from Slate... Dateline NBC co-anchor Stone Phillips is leaving the show (and NBC) after the network failed to renew his contract... Brian Tierney adds the CEO title of The Philadelphia Daily News to his business cards, while Mark Frisby becomes publisher...

Women's Health has lured Alison Gwinn away from InStyle to be executive editor, replacing the departed Beth Fenner... Former George executive editor (from back in the day) Susan Pocharski is the new entertainment editor at Ladies' Home Journal... New York Times culture reporter Lola Ogunnaike was once suspended at the paper for appearing on The View without permission. That didn't squelch her apparent jones for television, as she's left the paper to become the pop culture and entertainment correspondent on CNN's American Morning...

Little, Brown UK editor Rosie de Courcy has signed up as publishing director of Trevor Dolby's new imprint at Random House... Doug Lockhart has stepped down as CEO of Zondervan... Trish Hoard is now managing editor of Skyhorse publishing, while Herman Graf joins her as an acquiring editor and consultant... J. McCrary is the new publisher at Fox Chapel Publishing...

InStyle accessories editor Alice Kim is leaving town and moving to Omaha, Nebraska to open a boutique after reading Kurt Andersen's recent paen to the emerging hipness of his hometown in the pages of The New York Times' T: Style Magazine... Elizabeth Turner trades in her job at Natural Health to become editor-in-chief of Vegetarian Times... Suzanne Sykes joins Marie Claire from Grazia as creative director... Sylvia Moreno is now a beat reporter at The Washington Post... And there were more hires this week at Maxim, Travel + Leisure, U.S. News & World Report,,


May 25, 2007: Susan Pocharski has been named entertainment editor at Ladies' Home Journal. She had been at Life. (WWD)
May 25, 2007: Alison Gwinn has been named executive editor at Women's Health. She had been deputy editor at InStyle. (WWD)
May 25, 2007: Jessica Krakoski has been named associate publicist at Simon Spotlight Entertainment. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Kristin Dwyer has been named senior publicist at Simon Spotlight Entertainment. She had been at Gotham and Dutton. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Gary Krebs has been named group publisher at Globe Pequot Press. He had been publisher at Adams Media. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Julia Wells has been named head of children's fiction at Faber. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Lisa Weinert has been named associate editor at Vintage/Anchor. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Brian Belfiglio has been named Hilsinger-Mendelson East at publicity director. He had been marketing director at Workman. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Susan Reich has been named president at Publishers Group West. She had been president and COO at Avalon Publishing. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Anya Serota has been named publishing director at Canongate. She had been editorial director there. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Nick Davies has been named editorial director at Conongate. He had been publisher at Hodder. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Michael Holdsworth has been named special adviser at Ingram Digital and Lighting Source. (Publishers Lunch)
May 25, 2007: Brian Murray has been named president at HarperCollins Worldwide. (Publishers Lunch)
May 24, 2007: Lola Ogunnaike has been named pop culture and entertainment correspondent at American Morning. She is the culture reporter at The New York Times. (FBNY)
May 24, 2007: Sylvia Moreno has been named district beat reporter at The Washington Post. She had been staff writer there. (FBDC)
May 24, 2007: Elizabeth Turner has been named editor-in-chief at Vegetarian Times. She had been managing editor at Natural Health. (release)
May 24, 2007: Adam Voiland has been named health reporter at U.S. News & World Report and He had been health intern there. (mb)
May 24, 2007: Suzanne Sykes has been named creative director at Marie Claire. She had been art director at Grazia. (release)
May 24, 2007: J. McCrary has been named publisher at Fox Chapel Publishing. She had been senior director of special markets at Perseus Book Group. (mb)
May 24, 2007: Brian Tierney has been named president and CEO at The Philadelphia Daily News. He had been publisher at The Philadelphia Inquirer. (AP)
May 24, 2007: Mark Frisby has been named publisher at The Philadelphia Daily News. He had been publisher at The Courier-Post. (AP)
May 23, 2007: Michaela Guzy has been named travel advertising director at Travel + Leisure. She had been travel and consumer electronics director at Town & Country. (release)
May 23, 2007: Justin Dini has been named an associate at Brunswick Group. He had been senior manager for global industry marketing at Deloitte. (mb)
May 23, 2007: Doug Lockhart is stepping down as president and chief executive officer at Zondervan. (Publishers Lunch)
May 23, 2007: Trish Hoard has been named managing editor at Skyhorse Publishing. She had been a co-founder and associate publisher at Shoemaker & Hoard. (Publishers Lunch)
May 23, 2007: Herman Graf has been named an acquiring editor and consultant at Skyhorse Publishing. He was the co-founder of Carroll & Graf. (Publishers Lunch)
May 23, 2007: Rosie de Courcy has been named publishing director of Trevor Dolby's new imprint at Random House. She had been an editor at Little, Brown UK. (Publishers Lunch)
May 23, 2007: Robert Perino has been named design director at Fortune. He had been art director there. (NYP)
May 23, 2007: Alice Kim is moving to Omaha to open an accessories store. She had been accessories director at InStyle. (WWD)
May 22, 2007: Stone Phillips is leaving Dateline NBC. He had been co-anchor on the show. (TVNewser)
May 22, 2007: Rebecca Horn has been named photo editor at Maxim. She had been deputy photo editor there. (mb)
May 22, 2007: Gabrielle Whelan has been named contributor at's Sell Better Blog. (mb)
May 22, 2007: Kathleen Grimes has been named contributor at's Sell Better Blog. (mb)
May 22, 2007: Colleen O'Connor Grant has been named contributor at's Sell Better Blog. (mb)
May 22, 2007: Lisa Sharples has been named president at She had been senior vice president at (release)

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