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About Mediabistro Circus


Everything is changing, and technology is the driver.


That may sound like a marketing slogan (and, we're sure it has been), but it's the cold, hard truth.


We're living in a media and technology landscape that's in perpetual flux. To be honest, it can be overwhelming. You've probably asked yourself, "Should my company be on Facebook? or Twitter? Should we be doing more online video, or blogging, or going mobile?"


We've created the Mediabistro Circus to help you understand what's happening at the crossroads of digital media and traditional media, why it matters to you, and how it affects the work that you do. You'll be able to go back to the office and say, "Let's get started on this project - and here's how we can do it."


The Circus has a narrative arc that will walk you through the most urgent questions and tantalizing possibilities facing today's media warriors.


May 20 begins with the publishing industry's sometimes slow and painful transition to new media, showcasing business models that work. Next, blogging visionaries will explain why and how individuals  and organizations should blog. The final sessions take on two of the biggest industry bandwagons, video and social media, and what you should know before you jump on them.


May 21 tackles mobile media, the wild west of the technology world. Our diverse panel of experts will hammer out your options. The editor of digital news for the New York Times will discuss taking a 157-year old publication online; and we'll conclude with user experience design, the key to merging disciplines and building a strong brand (think Google). Keynote sessions throughout the conference will take on big issues like globalization, where to put your resources, and the bottom line. 


Some of the most impressive people in media and technology will be speaking at Mediabistro Circus, - check out the complete list here. It's possible that you might not recognize all their names - yet. It's the names you don't recognize that could change your professional life, business strategy and bottom line. A bold statement, yes; but if there's one thing that has strived to do throughout it's history, it's to help you become the best at what you do, by bringing you the tools and people that can help you do it.


Mediabistro Circus brings together a powerful mix of media luminaries, innovators, experts - and you - for two days of knowledge-sharing, inspiration and fun. No matter what facet of media you're in, it's one event you can't afford to miss!


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