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party photos

Party Photos: Cocktails in Atlanta
At One Midtown Kitchen, 05.13.03

On a georgeous Georgia night, mb's favorite Atlanta media people gathered at the very hip One Midtown Kitchen for drinks, talk, and a rollicking good time.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.)

CNN International producer Dianna Cahn, senior editor Elisabeth Bergman, CNN International anchor Guillermo Arduino, creative maximizer Aubrey Sabala, and Flagpole magazine music editor Chris Hassiotis. creative maximizers Mindy Thomas and Aubrey Sabala with freelance writer Jake Sussman, editor Eric Behan, and mb's Atlanta hostess Lila Feng, a freelance broadcast journalist.

BrownGurl Media creative director Sarita Misra, Institute of Industrial Engineers managing editor Monica Elliott, senior editor Elisabeth Bergman, and One Midtown Kitchen manager Marcus Marshall.

CNN national correspondent Sean Callebs, mb Atlanta hostess Lila Feng, Fox 5 Atlanta anchor Cory Thompson, and CNN producer Dana Rosenblatt.

CNN International anchor Monta Rajpal, mb hostess Lila Feng, CNN international assignment editor Nicola Sadler, CNN associate producer Danielle Elias, CNN senior cameraman Scott McWhinnie, and CNN associate producer Dave Matthews.

Good ol' Lila, with manufacturer's representative Carol Hansen, WWD freelancer Toni Lublin, and CNN multimedia designer Yuri Kato.

Lila again, with CNN International writer Jane Nix, CNN executive producer Steve Rosenberg, and Los Angeles Times freelancer Rennie Sloan.

Alliance Theatre Company PR director Elizabeth S. Roth, Lila, Georgia Chamber of Commerce vice-president Chris McGowan, McKenna Long & Aldrige marketing manager Jennifer Ahner, and Katie Bush of Katie Bush & Co.

Jessica Ellis, producer and writer of CNN's The Music Room; Helena De Moura, a reporter for National Geographic TV; CNN International anchor Guillermo Arduino; and Lila.

Lila, CNN associate producer Sarah Mazloumsaki, and CNN International anchor Monita Rajpal.

Institute of Industrial Engineers managing editor Monica Elliott, Selah Communications freelance writer Jacqueline Holness, and Sports writer and researcher Steve Fall.

Lila, CNN newsdesk editor Tom Watkins, and CNN senior editor Nicole File.


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