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party photos

Party Photos: Cocktails in Raleigh-Durham
At April & George, 06.30.03

In our minds we've long been going to Carolina, of course, but this was only mb's second shindig in Raleigh-Durham. The local media professionals were as happy to see us as we were to see them: Dozens and dozens turned out to mix, mingle, and meet the famous Laurel, who jetted in for the evening.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.)

Michelle Lanteri, assistant marketing coordinator at WCHL-AM radio, and freelance writer Eric Wolf.

News & Observer staff photographer John L. White, Laurel freelance musician Corey Parker, and Wiseass music critic Greg Barbera.

ACME Klong Design creative director Kat Godein, freelance photographer Courtney Marshall, and freelance editor Robin Miura.

Freelance writer Brett Cornwright and photographer Courtney Marshall.

Alexandra DeKeyser, owner and photographer at Serio Film, and Katherine Gilbert of Trailblazer Studios.

Nando Media news editor Carolyn Wilborn and freelance editor Kristin Halverson.

Freelance writer Maximilian Longley and freelance TV producer Elizabeth Hogan.

Laurel and mom.

Praxis magazine designer and editor Sandra Skrzycki, RTPTV production intern Meredith Byrne, and freelance writer Angel Feimster.

Laurel and The Square Table's Dina Di Maio.

Photographs by Donna Boyette and Dina Di Maio.

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