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Party Photos: The TV Party in New York City

At Branch, September 16, 2003

Posted September 22, 2003

mb threw our first-ever party exclusively for TV professionals last week, and ratings were through the roof! Nearly 200 producers, researchers, correspondents, production assistants, and other TV-industry staffers turned up at Branch to meet one another, have fun, and throw back a few specially priced margaritas. Based on the success of this premiere episode, mb's TV Party will surely become a popular and long-running series!

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MTV writer Judie Davis, ABC News writer Belinda Walker, and ABC News senior producer Paula Cohen.

Reuters TV reporters Bobbi Rebell and Francesca Segre with CBS News Sunday Morning associate producer Anthony Laudato.

CBS broadcast associate Kelly O'Donnell, Ali Hart of CourtTV's original-movies department, CourtTV marketing director Iesa McGettigan, and CBS News associate producer Chloe Arensberg.

CNN producer Alex Power and CNN freelance animation producer Adam Mutterperl.

Hill Holliday art director Bruce Goldstein and freelance writer Gina Fortunato.

VH1 production coordinator Rebecca Ikler and KingWorld production assistant Kim Schulster.

mb founder Laurel Touby and freelance TV producer Lan Trinh.

'What are you looking at?'

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Photographs by Mary Cuddehe.