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Party Photos: The Freelancer Party in New York

At Sugar, September 23, 2003

Posted October 6, 2003

Tons of New York City freelancers—writers, editors, photographers, designers, TV producers—came down to Tribeca for mb's first-ever Freelancer Party. There were big crowds, plenty to drink, and people having lots of fun.

Photographs by Tricia Couture.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Poet David Elsasser, health writer Karyn Feiden, poet and novelist Shannon Hamann, and freelancer Tom Sullivan.

Producer and reporter Bambi Bogert and writer Bryan Reesman.

J.C. Barker, travel writer Megan Padilla, and entertainment consultant Jeff Haber.

Corcoran Real Estate's Rebecca Mirkin and writer Thomas Sullivan.

Novelist Julie Ann McMillan and graphic designer Emily Dunn.

Sculptor Kendall Brown and new-media designer Aldo Romero.

Denis Thomopoulos, PR rep Jodi Lin, and photographer Perry Heller.

TV producer Anita Culp, consultant Jeff Haber, Avid editor Lulu Fries'dat, and animation writer Anne D. Bernstein.

Freelancer Robert Negrin, Denis Thomopoulos from Hippo Works, and AgencyCD founder Ian Sohn.

Writers Daniela Amini, Jennifer Krauss, Bryan Reesman, Belinda Yee, and Paul Freibott.

Art director Caren Josephs, Glamour art director Anna Kula, graphic designer Ignacio Gutierrez, and writer Dan Hall.

Writer Tricia Couture with Anna Kula.

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