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Party Photos: The Freelancer Party in New York City

At Sweet and Vicious, October 7, 2003

Posted October 13, 2003

It seems about right that mb's second Freelancer Party was held at Soho's Sweet and Vicious. After all, to be successful—to entice editors into listening to your pitches, and then to snag them into a lucrative deal—a good freelancer has got to be both a little sweet and a little vicious. Last week, though, all kinds of freelancers put their viciousness aside and a sweet time, schmoozing away over stiff drinks.

Photographs by Sarah Stanfield.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Susan Stewart and Celeste Balducci, both publicists and actors.

The bar was packed with sweet and vicious freelancers.

Freelancer Siobahn Fitzpatrick and wirter J.B. Miller.


Three writers: Bootism author Michael Duranto, Sari Botton, and Jon Steinberg.

Designer Paula Fletcher, journalist Jack Mason, photographer Maggie Solada, and writer Esther Tolkoff.

Writer and reporter Cheryl Peress and writer Barry Goodman.

Photographer Joshua Silk and magazine contributor Anthony Liversidge.

Lifetime contributing editor Jessica Seigal and Boston Globe correspondent Jean Tang.

Writer and editor Pamela Grossman and writer, editor, and consultant Keith Kirkpatrick.

Freelancer Chris Hamilton and VH1 writer and mb hostess Caroline Waxler.

mb hostess Caroline Waxler and writer Sari Botton.

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