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Party Photos: The TV Party in New York City

At LQ, October 28, 2003

Posted November 3, 2003

It's not just the print folks who have fun at mb parties; last week, once again, a big crowd of New York TV professionals came out for one of Laurel's famous shindigs. There were producers and reporters and correspondent and researchers and everyone else who gets those glowing pictures onto your TiVo, and they all had a blast catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and sampling LQ's very yummy cocktails.

Photographs by Charity Lorenz.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Food Network programming assistant Jennifer Quainton and marketing/PR assistant Sangeeta Rao with mb founder Laurel Touby, CNN producer Jeffrey Mutterperl, CNNfn producer Tom Ziegler, and Reuters TV reporter Bobbi Rebell.

CBS 2 anchor David Diaz, Harpo Inc. producer Audrey Pass, and freelance development executive Stefan Feller.

HBO associate producer Jennifer Lefever, freelance editor Anne Bernstein, Food Network culinary editor Harriet Siew, TV Land's Denise Jaworski, and MTV Networks technical producer Renelle Benck.

JoAnn Dimino of ABC News with ABC's Alessandra Springer.

Laurie Frankel, CNN producer Rene Brinkley, and CNN En Espanol freelance reporter Mariana Sanchez.

Elizabeth Gerst and Bloomberg TV reporter Bob Bowdon with mb's Laurel Touby.

Make TV Productions producer and director Louis Grenier, Jennifer Greechan, and ABC Sports production assistant Nancy Lee.

HBO's Matthew Anderson and Julie Simon.

CNN's Jeff Mutterperl, Ilyssa Panitz, and Nightly Business Report field producer Harlan Reinhardt.

Fox News Channel's Courtney Stasen and Esther Hong.

CNNfn freelance anchor and reporter Stephanie Elam, Tom Ziegler, and Business Week TV reporter Kelsey Hubbard.

CN8 news reporter and anchor Keith Taylor and mb's Laurel.

David Wharton of ABC News with Mutts Pictures producer Adam Mutterperl.

Rene Brinkley, Christopher Gatty, freelance TV journalist Stacey Tisdale, and ConairPro PR manager Elena Hart.

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