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Party Photos: Cocktails in Chicago

At Rhythm, November 11, 2003

Posted November 24, 2003

In the Windy City, at least, mb's got Rhythm—even if only for one night. Our crowd of happy Chicago media pros took over the city's hip drum bar for an evening; we welcomed new Chicago hostess Erin Burke, and everyone enjoyed tasty cocktails and friendly conversation.

Photographs by Nancy Simon.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

People and Chicago Tribune freelance writer Shia Kapos and freelance writer Heather Kenny.

AMTA publications editor Mike Schwanz and a friend.

Photographer Robb Hill, Chicago Public Radio new-media editorial assistant Melisa Goh, and photographer Steven Johnson.

Kristin Kloberdanz, who runs Time's Chicago newsdesk, and freelancer Jessica Reaves.

Health Forum editor Erin Burke and Health Forum graphic designer Jennifer Hornberger.

Freelancer Dominique Daniel and Kristin McGill.

Brendan McNulty and a friend.

Writer and editor Marie Doorey, writer and editor Lin Sedlar, and freelance journalist Mark Athitakis.

Polkadotts vice-president Karolyna Salano, photographer Steven Johnson, and Alena Elejalde-Ruiz.

Aimee Dingwell, photographer Robb Hill, and Simona Fuma.

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