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Party Photos: Cocktails in Los Angeles

At 66, January 27, 2004

Posted February 2, 2004

Our director of education, Taffy Akner, tends to bring the party wherever she goes. So when she descended on Los Angeles last week, tons of media folks turned out at the hot Mexican bar on Sunset for a devilishly good time.

Photographs by Krista Kennell.

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Movieline's Hollywood Life associate editors Andre Chautard and Melissa Quinlan.

Dom DeLuise's executive personal assistant Gary Potter, HBO Films development assistant Loren Elkins, and Tradeshow Week's Rachelle Crum.

GLADD Publications production manager Mario Lavandeira and Variety designer Jen Blatz.

Variety's Elizabeth Domborski, freelance journalist Jerry Sticker, and writer Cynthia Kulikov.

Southpaw Communications' John Rosenthal and Lisa Renaud with Bon Appetit's Eva Ingvarson, and freelance writer Audrey D. Brashich.

Television writer Peter Ventrella, E-merge Management literary manager Todd Koerner, Los Angeles public school teacher Kiffen Madde, and freelance writer Kerry Madden.

Tokyopop editor Nora Wong with freelancer Jodi Bryson.

Investigator David LaFontaine and's director of education, Taffy Akner.

Freelance writers Faye Ransom and Kathy McDonald.

Freelance writers Kate Hahn, Sharon Liveten, and Katherine Turman.

Freelance writer Jenny Worth, author Valli Thornton, and writer Evan Marc Katz.

A partygoer feels the California vibe with freelance writer Robert Spuhler.

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