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Party Photos: Cocktails in Chicago

At Blu, April 22, 2004

Posted May 10, 2004

We came to the Windy City recently with our "Drink to Your Health!" celebration of nationwide health insurance for AvantGuild members. What more could you ask for beyond cheap Michelob Ultra and free Clif bars? Only one thing: Health coverage, which we've got, too!

Photographs by Erin Burke.

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Writer Cathleen McCann, mb hostess Erin Burke, freelanceer Kelly Kleinman, Greg Beaubien, and freelancer Jennifer Lyng.

Tammy Kotulla, Alexis Reelitz, and Julie Herz.

Writer Darcel Rockett, writer Karla Mina, and public health writer Famika Hinton.

Health Forum graphic designer Jennifer Hornberger with freelance graphic designer Tamara Kaldor.


Freelancer Conrad Lawrence and Jennifer Hicks.

Freelance writer Bill Shipley and Extra editor Casey Sanchez.

Karen Gleason and Associate's Nicole Serfes with Kelly Fitzpatrick.

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