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Party Photos: Cocktails in San Francisco

At 111 Minna Gallery, April 20, 2004

Posted May 3, 2004

Laurel came to a recent health- and wellness-themed cocktail party in San Francisco bearing mb cheer, her trademark boa, and lots and lots of Clif bars. Our Bay Area media friends, well-supplied with food and a round of free drinks, had a terrific time.

Photographs by Judy Lewenthal Daniel and Sarah Sung.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Bryan Mason and Adaptive Path editor Maggie Mason.

Judy Daniel and Jim Daly.

Bernice Yeung and freelancer Malakia Costello-Dougherty.

Erin Hartman and Marjorie Hawkins.

San Francisco Chronicle features editor George Powell, Clinton Fein, and Jayne Stahl.

Eric Butterfield, Sean Captain, and Linda Ravano.

Elisa Williams, CNET staff writer Alorie Gilbert, and Mix magazine editorial assistant Heather Johnson.

Joan Kruckewitt, Graziano Consulting editor Claudia Graziano, and freelancer Paige Bierma.

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