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Party Photos: Cocktails in Boston

At Vox Populi, May 19, 2004

Posted June 14, 2004

What could make a night better than a Red Sox victory? How about this: The Sox won on that mid-May Wednesday, and was in town. It was good times in Beantown as we hoisted a glass to our favorite Boston media pros.

Photographs by Seth Donlin.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Writer and publicist Lisa Martin, Boston Globe Magazine editor-in-chief Doug Most, freelance writer Paul Goldsmith, and Argosy project manager Scott Harris.

Freelance writer Joe Fox and freelance photographer Darlene Devita.

Photographer Geoffrey Kula, mb host Meg Feury, and the Body & Soul gals: assistant editor Donna Ress and associate editor Terri Trespicio.

New Scientist staff writer Sylvia Westphal, JAMA freelancer Mary Jane Friedrich, Suzanne Cote, and Boston Globe correspondent Michael Lasalandra.

Writer and publicist Lisa B. Martin, Cambridge BioMarketing art director Bruce Macindoe, and freelance writer Dick Dahl.

Freelance writer Tracy Mayor, freelance science writer Laura Ruth, and writer Amy Campbell.

Globe Magazine editor and mb host Doug Most, freelance writer Jane Rosenzweig, Atlantic Monthly online senior editor Sage Stossel, and Patriot Ledger visuals editor Anestis Diakopoulos.

Freelance photographer Geoffrey Kula and freelance writer Jeannie Greeley.

Seth Donlin, CBS MarketWatch reporter Val Kennedy and her husband Brian, and Network World senior managing editor Amy Schurr.


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