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Party Photos: The Book Party in New York City

At Sweet & Vicious, May 25, 2004

Posted June 21, 2004

Ah, springtime in New York: Those beautiful few weeks when it's warm enough to go outside but not yet hot and sticky enough to send you back indoors. We joined our pals from Bookforum magazine to take advantage of such a night by drinking, chatting, and hobnobbing with our book-world friends in the back garden at Sweet & Vicious.

Photographs by Kelly Caldwell.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Penguin Group cover designer Ben Gibson, Medium Rare Publishing co-president Colin Dodds, Scholastic senior designer Heather McPherson, and Jenny Craig's Felicia Aly.

Nicholas Ellison agents Abigail Koons and Kate Flynn.

The folks from Harcourt: sub rights assistant manager Kent Wolf and national accounts administrator Karen Zeman.

Artists and Artisans' Adam Chromy, St. Martin's assistant editor Elizabeth Bewley, and St. Martin's associate editor Michael Connor.

Brands-to-Books owner Kathleen Spinelli and Clarion Books assistant designer Kerry Martin.

Viking senior publicist Patty Garcia and Bookforum editor Eric Banks.

Random House sales assistants Lauren Eisenberg and Joanna Korn with Lowenstein-Yost Associates agent and international rights manager Julie Culver.

Knopf marketing associate Ashley Gillespie with Nicholas Ellison agents Abigail Koons and Kate Flynn.

Pearson associate managing editor Sandra Pike and Kensington Publishing senior editor Jeremie Ruby-Stauss.

Harcourt's associate editor Kate Harrison and editor Tamson Weston.

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