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Party Photos: The News Feed Party in New York City

At Viscaya, July 21, 2004

Posted August 9, 2004

Who'd have thunk it: 60,000 people now get our Daily Media News Feed each morning. (In fact, by now we're up to 61,000 and change.) On the very day the News Feed odometer rolled over to that major milestone, we gathered a few hundred loyal readers in Manhattan to toast intrepid News Feed editor David S. Hirschman, the folks whose reporting we link to each day, and—most important—all those subscribers.

Photographs by Joshua Kryshka and Marc Fried.

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The editorial team: deputy editor Jill Singer, news editor David Hirschman, and editor-in-chief Jesse Oxfeld.

Brilliant Noise's Pam Marcello, Lubinsky Experience's June Kosleff, and New York Times reporter Kenneth Chang.

Scholastic Inc. senior managing editor Mary Harvey, photographer David Neff, and Crisscross managing editor Georgia Jacobs.

Us Weekly senior editor Albert Lee and Battery Park City Broadsheet writer Cabe Franklin.

McGraw-Hill editor Sheela Ponnusamy and marketing consultant Dan Charnas.

In Style technology director John Wehba and Dance magazine creative director James Lambertus.

Television Asia sales director Leah Gordon, Medtronic's Lisa Robin, and Medtronic marketing manager Dale Huang.

Freelancers Neil O'Hara and Larry Garland.

Freelancer Lara Holiday, freelancer Vivian Schweitzer, and NYU Summer Publishing student Penn Whaling.

Penthouse Variations senior editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, freelancer Shari Goldhagen, and Aspen Publishers manuscript editor Allison Bojarski.

Ungrateful Productions partner Jill Higson and Peter Sang.

Daniel Kennedy and AKRF's Jennifer DeMritt.

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