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Party Photos: The TV Party in New York City

At Opal, November 16, 2004

Posted December 3, 2004

November sweeps tend to bring the claws out among network execs. But for one night, at least, everyone got along. (Those two-for-one drink specials always seem to have a way of making magic happen...)

Photographs by Brian van Nieuwenhoven.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Atlas Media senior producer and mb hostess Suzanne Levy with HBO's Andrew Goldman.

Inside Edition associate producer Scott Phillips and Fox Cable Network administrator Elizabeth Jones.

HBO senior writer and producer Susan Glass, NY1 News writer and producer Alex Gonzalez, freelancer Judy Katschke, and HBO writer and producer Lillian Thakuria.

The Christophers associate producer Sally Potenza, Buzz editor Peter Flack, and NBC producer/editor Fred Staab.

CNN's Seth Diamond and TRIO junior publicist Erin Miskey.

CourtTV's Ysaacc Sanchez, HBO's Susan Glass, and CourtTV art director Andre Carbonari.

ABC's Karen Kassebeer, ESPN senior publicist Keri Potts, and CNN producer Jeffrey Mutterperl.

CourtTV's Andre Carbonari, Atlas Media's Suzanne Levy, and CourtTV's Ysaacc Sanchez.

Inside Edition associate producer Scott Phillips, CourtTV associate producer Stacey Kaspin, and Inside Edition senior publicist Jim Kelly.

NY1 News writer Marina Shekhtman and NY1 Noticias writer Cristina Maldonado.

CBS News associate producer Cassandra Marshall and Suzanne Levy.


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