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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Mannahatta, January 10, 2005

Posted January 28, 2005

From editors and writers to designers and publicists, we brought together all sorts of media professionals for this year's first all-media party at our favorite Bowery lounge. Congratulations to our guest of honor Sue Shapiro on the recent publication of her memoir, Lighting Up!

Photographs by Candice Dumont.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

HBO Video marketing coordinator Steve Cofsky and Morning Call reporter Matt Sandy.

Reuters media vice president Stephen Smyth and RIA Novosti media relations' Ilona Kolesnichenko.

Budget Travel associate photo editor Moira Haney and Newsweek Budget Travel deputy art director Chad McCabe.

Freelancer Heather Markel, Randstad creative agent Garfield Harry, and Sizzle Consulting producer David Scherzer.

Bearport Publishing senior editor Lisa Wiseman and Good Morning America publicist Bridgette Maney.

Hirschhorn & Young illustrator Jason Lynch and graphic designer Erik Jansen.

Tampa Tribune reporter Patty Kem, Avrett Free Ginsberg account executive Tanya Li, Japan National Tourist Organization PR manager marian Goldberg, and freelancer Mary Beth Masmowski.


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