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Party Photos: Cocktails in Philadelphia

At NoChe, January 27, 2005

Posted February 18, 2005

It had been a while since the last mb party in Philly, so last month we caught up over tasty drinks and South American flavors at this Argentinian themed lounge.

Photographs by Bobbi Booker.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Philadelphia Inquirer's Leonard Flemming and City of Philadelphia deputy director of communications Deborah Bolling.

Freelancer Scott Pruden, Community Relations AmeriCorps' Monica L. Davis, editor Anthony DeMarco, Maria Ling DeMarco, and entertainment specialist Fred Sutton.

Crime writer Anthony Bruno, entertainment specialist Fred Sutton, Legal Intelligencer's Asher Hawker, and photographer William D. Holmes.

CPE Inc. editorial director Melissa Padovani, CDSL Consultants' Donna Stone, and PR specialist Randi Misher.


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