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Party Photos: The Freelancer Party in New York City

At Pioneer Bar, February 8, 2005

Posted February 25, 2005

On a recent night, we meandered down to one of our favorite Lower East Side watering holes to party with those who brave the freelance road.

Photographs by Jeri Yoshida.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Speech writer Mackay Wolff, writer Kate Hanley, and medical writer Paul Shea.

Computer consultant Sam Deanborn, editor Kevin Rhoades, and editor John Thomas.

Writer Kumiko Nobe, freelancer Jean Grillo, graphic designer Daniel Shapiro, and art director Georgina Sculco.

Photographer Brianne Zulauf, copywriter David Edwards, and journalist Margaret Menge.

Writer Matt Ufford, strategic media consultant Susan Bannett, writer Peter Green, and Mac computer consultant Sam Deanborn.

Editor Sam Lubell, writer David Goldman, Mavin Media president Brad Youngblood, and Edee Youngblood.


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