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Party Photos: The Design Party in Chicago

At The Apartment, April 5, 2005

Posted April 22, 2005

For our first design party in the Windy City, mb teamed up with our friends at HOW magazine to toast Chicago's art and design community. Be sure to check out the upcoming design conference, coming to Chicago this June!

Photographs by Nancy A. Simon.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

HOW editor and mb co-host Bryn Mooth with mb founder Laurel Touby.

JD Link Inc. graphic designer Jeffrey Link, Phenam designer Nam Nguyen, and Webb Scarlett dVlam creative director Phillip Karnezis.

The Goltz Group graphic designer Margot Harrington, Home Products International graphic designer Mick Pipes, Goltz Group design director Brooke Ellis, and GUM designer Colin Metcalf.

Twirl Advertising & Design creative directors and partners Jennie Rodriguez and Victor Echevarria.

GUM graphic designer Colin Metcalf and Gelb Illustration's Jacki Gelb.

Canright & Paule web designer Daniel Kinsella, Outhouse Design creative director Paul Fujihara, and American Academy of Art instructor Carol Luc.

Photographer Karen I. Hirsch, Creative Graphic Communication designer Barbara Harper, Graphic Artists Guild national president John Schmelzer, graphic designer Callie Hansen, and designer Richard Laurent.

Adams Business Media art director Adrew Stamm, WittmanHart art director Tony Klayman, and McNeil Automotive graphic designer Lew Horn.

Five from Digital Bootcamp: Katie Pearse, Kevin Kramer, Mike Carruth, Dan Crowe, and Jamie Bolger.


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