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Party Photos: The TV Party in Los Angeles

At Sonora Cafe, April 19, 2005

Posted May 6, 2005

Television is a hard business—even in L.A., where Law & Order isn't the only game in town. This edition of party photos goes out to those stars of Angeleno who made it on the small screen, if only for the briefest moment. So here's to you, Rhonda Blair. And you, Scott Scanlon. And, of course, you, Oliver Trask.

Photographs by Steve Scott.

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TVG Network's Adam Karp and CSI:Miami writer's assistant Krystal Houghton.

Three from E! Entertainment: associate producer Jose Toscano, production assistant Christie Richards, and associate producer Helen Lee.

CSI:Miami writer's assistant Krystal Houghton and NPR audio engineer Patrick Murray.

E! Entertainment director of production management Karla Karanza with 20th Century Fox director Mary McGuire. assistant Gary Potter and 20th TV research and marketing manager Winona Parks.

Dirty Design's Tony DiPietro, The Backelorette's Meghann Fowler, and America's Next Top Model associate producer Meredith Craig.

Writer Janet Nielson.

Director Adam Grabel and CSI:Miami's Krystal Houghton.

Actor Nico Guilak with actress Carolina Barcos.

E! Networks associate producer Helen Lee and NCIS researcher Joshua Lurie.

Reuters TV producer Michelle Emard, WB research analyst Alison Mayhew, and E! Entertainment's Todd McKenzie.

Dirty Design's Tony DiPietro.

The scene.

NCIS researcher Joshua Lurie.

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