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Party Photos: Cocktails in Philadelphia

At Oh!Shea's, April 28, 2005

Posted May 20, 2005

Our regular Philly partygoers had a great time with delicious drinks and food at this very cool pub.

Photographs by Paul Loftland.

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Steve Plunkett (Design Director Fox 29TV, Tracia Collichio (Public Relations Consultant), Lynne Slott (Freelance Copyrighter), Liz Glimes (Freelance Copyrigther)

Bruce Park (Editor and Chief East Philly Press), Bill McFarland (News and Copy Layout editor - Northeast Times), Imani W. Moorman (Atlas Publishing Group), Bill Izzi (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Irv Slifkin (Guest Speaker and Writer), Anthony DeMarco (Senior Editor), Howard Gibson (Consultant Center for Forensic Communications), Maria DeMarco (Admissions Consultant)

Maria DeMarco (Admissions Consultant), Fred Sutton ( Entertainment Specialist-Fred Sutton Management)

Fred Sutton (Entertainment Specialist-Fred Sutton Management), Regina Schaffer (Features Reporter for Atlantic City Press), Lynda Cohen ( Police Officer Atlantic City Press), Steve Humphrey (Philadelphia Tribune, Graphic Designer)

Daniel McQuade (Arts and Cultural Editor-Evening Bulletin), Sara Hoover (Freelance Writer)

Glenn Porter (Security Consultant), Earl Harvey (Past President National Alliance of Marketing Developers)

Robert The (CEO of That), Karen Moskow (News Anchor-Wall Street Journal Radio Network), Matt Sandy (Reporter Morning Call)

Clara CW Lewis (Producer Teamwork Productions), Nia Ngina Meeks (Director of Communications for Senator Hardy Williams), Shannon Renegar (Marketing Communications Specialist - MEDecision), Caryn Williams (Project Coordinator - Ben Franklin Technologies)

Bobbi Booker (Freelance Writer and Radio Personality), Clara CW Lewis (Producer Teamwork Productions)

Irv Slifkin and Bobbi Booker

Irv Slifkin speaks about authoring VideoHound's Groovy Movies: Far-out Films of the Psychedelic Era

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