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Party Photos: mb Celebrates The Geneticist

At Table 50, May 17, 2005

Posted June 3, 2005

Last month, mb joined up with Discover magazine to celebrate the release of journalist and NPR commentator David Ewing Duncan's new book, The Geneticist Who Played Hoops with My DNA, an inventive narrative about the people at the forefront of the biotech industry. You can buy Duncan's new book by clicking on the cover below. Celebrate your BEA fever!

Photographs by Eric Green.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Author David Duncan and founder Laurel Touby show off the goods.

Napa Pharmasitic CEO Lisa Conti, Advisor Products senior financial writer Madhavi Seyrafi, and BusinessWeek science department editor Arlene Weintraub.

Claudio QueRoi, Cain and NA production director Carmen D'Alesio, and CEO of Advance Products Albaro Zuniga.

Discover senior editor Corey Powell with the author.

Independent film producer Chantal Ribeiro, Royal NY director Laura Dorson, and Royal NY editor Reginald Oberlag.

Laurel, Citigroup assistant production manager Gail Brennan, and Nova Science Now senior producer Andrea Cross.

Scholastic senior managing editor Mary Harvey, photographer David Neff, and freelance writer Yoshi.

Xiomara Martinez-White, Hippocrene Books editorial assistant William Helms, 2B Creative Entertainment CEO and media director Barbara Bernhard, and AP online editor Latrice Davis.

Market consultant Sam Ohrogge, Celebrity Living freelancer Delaina Dixon, and Santonu Pal.

Discover editor-in-chief Stephan Petranek and Vanity Fair's editor of creative development David Friend.

Freelance writer Larry Getlin, writer and editor Annelise Sorensen, and Kacey Barron.

Freelance writer Rick Karr, science journalist Maia Szalavitz, and Andrea Cross.

Duncan signs copies of his new book, out last month from William Morrow.

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