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Party Photos: The TV Party in New York City

At Trousdale, May 24, 2005

Posted June 10, 2005

With the upfronts behind them, our teevee acolytes met up for a relaxing drink and nosh at the glammy Trousdale, a fun new cocktail bar that looks more like the inside of a West Elm store. Very telegenic!

Photographs by Eric Green.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

LCS Productions producer Laura Swalm and Rik PIX's Rick Brown.

Hyghbred editor Patty Sunshine and mb hostess Suzanne Levy.

VH1 production assistant Florencia Costa, VH1 executive assistant Lara Fried, and CBS News correspondent Frank Ucciardo.

Three from Thirteen/WNET—broadcast coordinator Jennifer Vasquez, producer Noreen Bonner, and writer/producer Kelly Geist—with HBO senior writer and producer Susan Glass.

ABC-TV district representative Pauletta Haynes, Thirteen/WNET digital service coordinator Naima Smith, and Thirteen/WNET broadcast coordinator Jennifer Vasquez.

History Channel freelance publicist Jocelyn Brandeis and designer and television host Kat Graytok.

Nickelodeon Digital Network senior producer Laura Lundgren and Fuse producer Holly Schlesinger.

Travel Media editor and writer Annelise Sorensen, professor Michael Leib, Nickelodeon writer Steven Borst, and Elm City production coordinator Stacey Burgay.

Thirteen/WNET producer Noreen Bonner and cameraman Al Leibman.

Talk of the tube.

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