How to Pitch: Lead Time

Less than 3 months (25)

  • Guardian US 5/26/2015
    Pitch stories that surprise for the U.S. edition of this 194-year-old publication.
  • Belt Magazine 5/14/2015
    This digital mag seeks writers who can report on post-industrial life along America's Rust Belt region.
  • 5/13/2015
    Shape's digital counterpart seeks pitches that turn trendy items into meatier stories.
  • JSTOR Daily 4/30/2015
    This new digital publication seeks feature writers who can tie current events to its scholarly archives.
  • Juicy 4/8/2015
    This pop culture outlet seeks juicy celeb news, as well as hair and beauty coverage.
  • Parade 4/7/2015
    This weekly seeks human-interest stories that are cross-generational and tug at heartstrings.
  • The Latin Kitchen 3/26/2015
    This Latin food-and-drink destination seeks pitches that appeal to acculturated Hispanics.
  • Poets & Writers 3/17/2015
    This literary mag seeks reflective essays and publishing industry trend pieces for professional writers.
  • Sports Illustrated 3/10/2015
    Get noticed with an outside-the-mainstream pitch for this classic sports magazine.
  • NiC 3/4/2015
    Age is nothing but a number for NiC's 'passionate' readership.
  • The Fiscal Times 2/3/2015
    Freelancers can send pitches on everything from the global economy to national health care to this digital news hub.
  • 12/8/2014
    With freelancers generating 80 percent of its content, this dudes' domain has ample opportunity for those looking to break in.
  • Austin Monthly 11/17/2014
    Pitches with a newsy hook or about extraordinary locals are in high demand at this city mag.
  • 11/11/2014
    Pitch pieces that grab the interests of male 20-somethings for's relaunched, SFW site.
  • 10/14/2014
    Pitches that combine humor and smarts will woo editors and savvy New Yorkers at this online destination.
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids 8/12/2014
    Send a winning pitch to earn $1 a word at this mag for young sports fanatics.
  • 8/4/2014
    Buzzworthy personal essays and reported pieces are preferred at this destination for moms of all ages.
  • 7/28/2014
    Think baby boomers, not nursing-home residents when pitching this lifestyle website.
  • Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers 7/22/2014
    This parenting literary mag considers freelancers its 'lifeblood' and welcomes new authors.
  • 7/8/2014
    Look at news through an African-American lens for this heralded site.
  • Life Refined 5/29/2014
    This luxury lifestyle mag seeks writers who can cater to a crowd that enjoys the best of the best.
  • SheKnows 4/8/2014
    Pitch thought-provoking stories that jump off the page and command social shares for this women's site.
  • Scottsdale 12/27/2013
    No section is off-limits to freelancers who pitch this newly revamped luxury lifestyle mag for Scottsdale's elite.

3-6 months (54)

  • Discover 5/19/2015
    'We're hungry for pitches,' says the EIC of this science magazine.
  • Inc. 5/12/2015
    Pitch this mag expert solutions to problems vexing small-business owners.
  • Bitch 5/5/2015
    Rant and rave for this feminist fave with front-of-book, interviews and feature pitches.
  • The Red Bulletin 4/29/2015
    This well-paying men's active lifestyle pub seeks your character-focused pitches.
  • Shape 4/28/2015
    Pitch health and nutrition stories with unusual hooks for this active lifestyle mag.
  • American Bungalow 4/22/2015
    Nostalgia meets design in this mag that highlights homes of the early 20th century.
  • Cruising World 4/21/2015
    Pitch your sailing adventures to this pub geared toward savvy sailors.
  • Narratively 4/16/2015
    Find a home for your long form ideas at this online pub.
  • Garden & Gun 4/15/2015
    Pitch broad to this Southern book that boasts a readership from all over the country and beyond.
  • Spirituality & Health 4/14/2015
    Strike a balance between religion and healthy living for this pub's front-of-book.
  • Parent & Child 4/9/2015
    Send bold ideas and solutions for families to this service-heavy Scholastic title.
  • San Francisco 4/2/2015
    You don't have to live in the Bay Area, but your pitch needs to resonate with readers who do.
  • Running Times 4/1/2015
    Pitch this mag service-driven features targeted to hardcore runners.
  • Wired 3/31/2015
    Pitch news and analysis to this tech mag's front-of-book.
  • Midwest Living 3/25/2015
    This regional magazine wants travel and food pitches with a distinctly Midwestern flavor.
  • Good Housekeeping 3/24/2015
    Craft strong, specific pitches to this pub that touches on everything that interests the busy woman.
  • Dwell 3/18/2015
    Home design stories with a human spin will mesh well with this shelter title.
  • Poets & Writers 3/17/2015
    This literary mag seeks reflective essays and publishing industry trend pieces for professional writers.
  • 5280: Denver's Mile High Magazine 3/11/2015
    This Denver mag seeks 'ambitious reads' on life in the Mile High City.
  • Latina 3/3/2015
    Strike the right cultural notes when pitching this mag for women with strong ties to their Latin roots.
  • Prevention 2/24/2015
    The ramped-up digital presence of this health mag means tons of writing opportunities.
  • Via 2/23/2015
    This freelance-friendly mag brakes for travel features on destinations that can be reached by car.
  • O: The Oprah Magazine 2/17/2015
    Stellar writing with a positive tone will help freelancers cut through the competition at this popular women's mag.
  • Entrepreneur 2/10/2015
    Cover the triumphs, challenges and outrageous stories that come with running a business.
  • Pacific Standard 1/13/2015
    This revamped magazine welcomes pitches on innovative ideas, new research and big thoughts.
  • Charlotte Magazine 1/6/2015
    This highly localized mag has opportunities for great storytellers with their heart in this Southern city.
  • Southwest: The Magazine 12/15/2014
    Uplifting general-interest pieces aimed at this in-flight mag's multiple open sections will fly with its editors.
  • Michigan Avenue 12/9/2014
    This upscale mag seeks writers with their pulse on the best of Chicago.
  • Austin Way 12/2/2014
    This brand new mag seeks local writers with big knowledge of its namesake Texan town.
  • Rhapsody 11/25/2014
    Bring your luxury lifestyle pitches to this first-class magazine in the sky.
  • Ocean Drive 11/18/2014
    This ultra-luxurious mag is loaded with opportunities for writers with their pulse on the South Florida scene.
  • Ebony 11/4/2014
    Bring a fresh perspective to key issues in the African-American community for this monthly mag.
  • Hemispheres 11/3/2014
    Strong reporting and storytelling are in demand at this in-flight mag, where 80 percent of the content is freelance written.
  • The Fader 10/22/2014
    Craft features on the interaction of music with tech, business and culture for this style-heavy music mag.
  • Oak Street 10/13/2014
    Pitch photo essays and profiles on interesting, under-the-radar individuals to this culture and lifestyle magazine.
  • Brides 10/7/2014
    Pitch stories on real-life weddings and stories with a strong service hook for the classic but modern bride.
  • Philadelphia 9/30/2014
    Pitch this city pub short and long-form stories on lifestyle, culture and news.
  • Outside 9/23/2014
    This adventure-driven monthly's FOB is wide open to timely ideas.
  • American Profile 8/19/2014
    A solid feature pitch could lead to steady work from this weekly on small-town America.
  • Good 7/15/2014
    Pitch 'real life' story ideas that mesh with this mag's dedication to social change.
  • Mental Floss 6/24/2014
    This mag for the knowledge junkie seeks writers skilled in artful storytelling.
  • ParentMap 6/10/2014
    Pitch smart articles on child-rearing to this Seattle-based mag.
  • Elle Decor 6/3/2014
    Explore the luxurious side of interior design for this sophisticated shelter mag.
  • Parents 5/13/2014
    Earn $1.50 a word and up at this leading parenting mag for millennial moms.
  • Wine Enthusiast 5/8/2014
    Uncork your best travel and food stories for this wine aficionados' magazine and website.
  • Essence 5/6/2014
    Pitch everything from personal finance and relationship tips to health and career advice to this black women's bible.
  • Plate 4/15/2014
    Dive deep into the creative side of professional food to land up to $1 a word.
  • Saveur 4/1/2014
    This culture-focused mag is hungry for authentic cuisine and writers with authority.
  • New Jersey Monthly 3/27/2014
    This Garden State mag is wide open for pitches on events, trends and people.
  • Family Circle 3/25/2014
    This Leading Women's Service Mag Seeks Pitches That Speak to Moms of Tweens and Teens.
  • Nashville Lifestyles 3/4/2014
    Writers wanted to give readers the scoop on living a fabulous yet down-to-earth Music City life.
  • Draft 2/27/2014
    This lager lover's pub looks to freelancers for half its pages, so pitch a front-of-book or feature with a 'beer angle.'
  • Woman's Day 12/17/2013
    Freelancers can land up to $2 a word at this recently revamped women's mag.
  • Details 12/16/2013
    Writers who nail the voice of this fashionable men's mag have the best chance of landing a byline.

6-12 months (8)

  • Highlights for Children 1/27/2015
    Pitch kid-targeted articles that draw on personal experience to this positive, educational pub.
  • Pacific Standard 1/13/2015
    This revamped magazine welcomes pitches on innovative ideas, new research and big thoughts.
  • Cadillac Magazine 9/17/2014
    Pitch to this magazine about the Cadillac lifestyle, not the car itself.
  • New You 7/29/2014
    This brand-spanking new mag for women 35 and up seeks freelancers to fill its glossy pages.
  • Parents 5/13/2014
    Earn $1.50 a word and up at this leading parenting mag for millennial moms.
  • Women's Health 2/18/2014
    This Rodale mag is full of opportunities for great writers with a fresh spin on healthy-lifestyle content
  • The Saturday Evening Post 1/8/2014
    The feature well is wide open for freelancers who bring depth and perception to general interest issues.

1 year and up (1)

  • Midwest Living 3/25/2015
    This regional magazine wants travel and food pitches with a distinctly Midwestern flavor.

Other (9)

  • 5/7/2015
    Sports Illustrated's website wants to "fill in the gaps" in mainstream sports coverage with original, news-driven stories that "go beyond the action on the field."
  • New York 9/2/2014
    Pitch editors something scintillating about the city that never sleeps.
  • Airways 5/20/2014
    This aviation mag seeks photo-savvy writers who can cater to plane and airport fanatics.
  • Professional Artist 4/22/2014
    Break into this pub with a business-related pitch to help artists make a viable living off their talents.
  • Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida 4/3/2014
    This upscale mag seeks writers with their pulse on South Florida interior design.
  • 2/12/2014
    This site, which puts black issues at the forefront, seeks stories that 'jump off the screen with original thought.'
  • 1/14/2014
    This men's lifestyle site is on the lookout for innovative, informative writers with a stylish sensibility
  • Communication Arts 1/9/2014
    This freelance-friendly mag is on the lookout for innovative writers who inspire.