How to Pitch: Magazine Title

5 (1)

A (13)

  • AARP: The Magazine 9/18/2013
    'Inspire, inform and entertain' this mag's 50-plus audience
  • Afar 7/18/2013
    Celebrate global diversity with a story on local culture
  • Airways 5/20/2014
    This aviation mag seeks photo-savvy writers who can cater to plane and airport fanatics.
  • All You 2/16/2012
    Pitch advice-driven features with plenty of affordable tips and ideas
  • American Baby 11/19/2013
    This mag for first-time, 'millennial moms' seeks writing with a modern approach
  • American Profile 8/19/2014
    A solid feature pitch could lead to steady work from this weekly on small-town America.
  • Archaeology 4/23/2013
    Quality pitches lead to bylines at this internationally-minded pub
  • 12/8/2014
    This site has opportunities for speedy writers with a fresh perspective on male quandaries.
  • Audubon 5/16/2013
    Pitch stories that inspire readers to appreciate, understand and conserve the natural world
  • Austin Monthly 11/17/2014
    Pitches with a newsy hook or about extraordinary locals are in high demand at this city mag.
  • Austin Way 12/2/2014
    This brand new mag seeks local writers with big knowledge of its namesake Texan town.
  • The Advocate 9/13/2012
    Pitch news and culture stories that speak to the gay and lesbian readership of this monthly
  • The Atlantic 7/9/2013
    Land a byline among the greats in this storied magazine

B (10)

  • BBC Travel 7/1/2014
    Writers for this freelancer-friendly travel site are encouraged to pitch 'unexpected or surprising' stories with a timely hook.
  • Better Homes & Gardens 8/26/2013
    Land up to $2 a word at this shelter title
  • Bicycling 4/12/2013
    Pitch FOB stories with a cycling spin
  • Bitch 7/30/2013
    Send pop culture critiques with a feminist slant to this smart quarterly
  • Boston 12/14/2012
    Pitch ambitious narratives and clever service pieces that cater to Bostonians
  • Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers 7/22/2014
    This parenting literary mag considers freelancers its 'lifeblood' and welcomes new authors.
  • Bridal Guide 10/25/2012
    Help budget-minded brides on their big day with well-researched service features
  • Brides 10/7/2014
    Condé Nast's wedding bible appeals to the bride who wants a classic wedding with modern twists and custom details.
  • The Boston Globe Magazine 6/26/2013
    The Globe's weekly mag wants trend stories of interest to Beantown and beyond
  • The Bump 7/1/2013
    Craft service-oriented pieces for this popular site to help readers navigate the pathway to parenthood

C (13)

  • Cadillac Magazine 9/17/2014
    Earn $1 a word or more at this upscale mag that revs the engines of affluent Cadillac owners.
  • California Lawyer 6/11/2013
    Editors are 'looking for more freelance feature writers'
  • Canoe & Kayak 3/5/2013
    Pitch service-driven paddling pieces with personality
  • Charlotte 10/23/2012
    Couple regional expertise with a unique hook to earn repeat assignments for this city mag
  • Charlotte Magazine 1/6/2015
    This highly localized mag seeks great storytellers with their heart in this Southern city.
  • Cincinnati Magazine 7/31/2013
    Pitch serious narratives or service briefs to captivate Queen City readers
  • Clutch 7/17/2012
    Provide 'girlfriend commentary' on non-Kardashian topics
  • Coastal Living 5/28/2013
    Bring a slice of paradise to this mag's readers
  • 3/6/2014
    Comedy chops and creativity are key at this viral-hits factory
  • Communication Arts 1/9/2014
    Bold, creative stories are in demand at this artsy pub
  • Cosmopolitan for Latinas 11/11/2013
    Have an 'honest conversation' with 20-something Latinas
  • Cure 4/4/2013
    Send tangible info and advice to this cancer news and lifestyle magazine
  • Curve 9/21/2012
    Line up story ideas that complement the cutting-edge style of this leading lesbian mag

D (9)

  • Delicious Living 6/4/2013
    This natural food pub craves healthy eating insights that look ahead of the curve
  • Destination Weddings & Honeymoons 1/17/2013
    Editors will take the plunge if you bring newsworthy FOB nuggets on faraway nuptials
  • Details 12/16/2013
    Send smart, cutting-edge pitches to this mag for unapologetically stylish men
  • 1/14/2014
    This unabashedly stylish site is all about modern men's luxury
  • Discover 10/22/2013
    Earn up to $2 a word at this freelance-driven magazine for science lovers
  • Diverse: Issues in Higher Education 1/18/2013
    Uncover minority issues at colleges and universities for this pub
  • Down East 3/20/2014
    The magazine of Maine seeks strong writers to showcase the state's diversity.
  • Draft 2/27/2014
    This mag seeks writers with 'an appreciation for beer and beer culture'
  • Dwell 3/18/2015
    Feed readers' love of distinctive architecture and design for this monthly shelter mag.

E (9)

  • Eating Well 11/5/2013
    Investigative pieces and science-based queries are in demand by the editors
  • Ebony 11/4/2014
    This 66-year-old glossy needs compelling pitches across all matters of African-Americana
  • 2/12/2014
    Contribute to the conversation about black culture at this historic lifestyle brand.
  • Edible Queens 3/13/2012
    Serve up hyperlocal features and neighborhood dish to get on this NY food mag's radar
  • Elle Decor 6/3/2014
    Explore the luxurious side of interior design for this sophisticated shelter mag.
  • Entrepreneur 2/10/2015
    Send pitches with actionable advice on running companies to this business magazine.
  • 8/13/2013
    Go beyond the boardroom for this expanding site
  • Essence 5/6/2014
    This 'authority on black women' is looking for timely pieces that enhance readers' lives.
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray 5/23/2013
    Help readers make their lives easier with practical lifestyle pitches

F (6)

  • Family Circle 3/25/2014
    This Women's Service Mag Seeks Pitches That Speak to Moms of Tweens and Teens.
  • FamilyFun 9/11/2012
    You won't find typical parenting advice in this family mag
  • Fit Pregnancy 3/11/2014
    Earn up to $1.50 a word at this glossy mag for fitness-minded moms-to-be.
  • Food Network Magazine 8/22/2013
    'Newsy, offbeat, fresh and fun' is a recipe for a byline
  • The Fader 10/22/2014
    Craft features on the interaction of music with tech, business and culture for this music mag.
  • The Fiscal Times 2/3/2015
    Send analysis-focused pitches on financial matters to this news and opinion site

G (7)

  • Garden & Gun 10/29/2013
    Capture the 'soul of the South' for this freelancer-friendly pub
  • Girls' Life 2/21/2013
    Send pitches that take on the tribulations of teenagers
  • Glamour 8/1/2013
    Pitch front-of-book items on health, careers, love and life to this women's glossy
  • Good 7/15/2014
    Pitch 'real life' story ideas that mesh with this mag's dedication to social change.
  • Good Housekeeping 3/24/2015
    Think about the whole life of a busy woman when pitching this venerable mag.
  • GQ 2/28/2012
    This upscale men's magazine offers opportunities for lifestyle, fashion and more
  • 7/28/2014
    Think baby boomers, not nursing-home residents when pitching this lifestyle website.

H (4)

  • Hemispheres 11/3/2014
    United's in-flight mag pays $1 a word for general-interest narratives
  • High Times 7/11/2013
    Tell the truth about this polarizing drug
  • Highlights for Children 1/27/2015
    Send fun pitches for kids ages 6 to 12 to this hands-on mag.
  • House Beautiful 2/4/2014
    Earn up to $2.50 a word at a mag that celebrates the best of American home design.

I (5)

  • Inked 2/14/2013
    Freelancers should pitch profiles and lifestyle features built around tattoo culture
  • Inside Jersey 7/22/2013
    Relate to the Garden State with arts and entertainment pieces, as well as profiles and features
  • Instinct 4/9/2013
    Provocative, honest writing wanted at this gay men's pub
  • ISLANDS 7/16/2013
    Pitch exotic stories to this "very different type of travel publication"
  • The Improper Bostonian 10/23/2012
    Pitch local trends, happenings, and playful features to this beloved Boston book

J (2)

  • Journey 4/16/2013
    Pitches with an insider perspective suit this AAA pub
  • Juicy 8/17/2012
    Give readers behind-the-scenes access to the latest news, gossip, styles and fashions in black Hollywood

K (1)

  • The Knot 9/14/2012
    Marry your ideas with this bridal book's wedding-minded readers

L (4)

  • Latina 3/3/2015
    Earn $1 a word at this mag for women with strong ties to their Latin roots.
  • Life Refined 5/29/2014
    Pitch stories on travel, dining and culture to this mag that caters to the elite.
  • 7/2/2013
    Stellar writing leads to bylines at this online destination for fashionistas
  • The Latin Kitchen 3/26/2015
    This Latin food-and-drink destination seeks pitches that appeal to acculturated Hispanics.

M (16)

  • Manhattan 11/9/2012
    90 percent of this 'uptown-meets-downtown' city mag is freelance-written
  • Marie Claire 1/31/2013
    This esteemed women's glossy wants smart, edgy coverage of the issues that matter most
  • Mariner 4/18/2013
    This mostly freelance travel mag wants new writers to come aboard
  • Maxim 5/3/2012
    Guide readers through the 'guy universe' at this glossy
  • Men's Health 9/19/2012
    "Service is king" in this health-minded men's monthly
  • Mental Floss 6/24/2014
    This mag for the knowledge junkie seeks writers skilled in artful storytelling.
  • Michigan Avenue 12/9/2014
    This upscale mag seeks writers with their pulse on the best of Chicago.
  • Midwest Living 3/25/2015
    This regional magazine wants travel and food pitches with a distinctly Midwestern flavor.
  • Milwaukee Magazine 10/19/2012
    This mag is actively searching for new writers
  • MIT Technology Review 1/29/2013
    Every section of this tech-focused outlet is open to strong, timely ideas
  • Modern Luxury Interiors South Florida 4/3/2014
    This upscale mag seeks writers with their pulse on South Florida interior design.
  • 8/4/2014
    Pitch buzzworthy personal essays and reported pieces to this site for moms of all ages.
  • Monocle 3/28/2013
    This high-concept British-based pub seeks newsy stories from across the globe
  • More 12/11/2012
    Pitch fresh and sophisticated content for the 35-plus set
  • Mother Jones 12/11/2013
    Expose 'great power wielders' for this smart, fearless magazine
  • Ms. 12/18/2012
    Pitch news stories and current affairs features to the grand dame of feminist reads

N (10)

  • Narratively 10/15/2013
    Write captivating human-interest stories for this growing online publication.
  • Nashville Lifestyles 3/4/2014
    Writers wanted to give readers the scoop on living a fabulous yet down-to-earth Music City life.
  • Natural Health 3/18/2014
    Pitch integrative health stories for women who crave 'a balanced, blissful life.'
  • New Jersey Monthly 3/27/2014
    This Garden State mag is wide open for pitches on events, trends and people.
  • New York 9/2/2014
    Pitch editors something scintillating about the city that never sleeps.
  • New You 7/29/2014
    This new mag for women 35 and up seeks freelancers to fill its glossy pages.
  • 10/14/2014
    Craft witty pieces for Big Apple denizens and beyond.
  • NiC 3/4/2015
    Pitch lifestyle pieces on prominent people in their 50s and older to this niche publication.
  • The Nest 6/6/2013
    This mag wants new spins on lifestyle service stories
  • The New York Observer 12/21/2012
    This NYC weekly wants sophisticated, urbane stories that offer a fresh take on politics, art, culture and more

O (5)

  • O: The Oprah Magazine 2/17/2015
    Focus on personal growth, fulfillment and wellness for this newsstand heavyweight.
  • Oak Street 10/13/2014
    Profiles on little-known movers and shakers are in demand at this men's publication.
  • Ocean Drive 11/18/2014
    This ultra-luxe mag has opportunities for writers with their pulse on the South Florida scene.
  • Outside 9/23/2014
    Editors want fitness and tech pitches with a strong news peg for their outdoorsy readers.
  • Oxford American 11/12/2013
    Think all things Southern when pitching the pages of this seasoned pub

P (14)

  • Pacific Standard 1/13/2015
    This intellectual mag welcomes 'dial-turning stories' in almost all sections.
  • Parade 11/8/2012
    Bring 'feel-good Americana' to this widely-read weekly
  • ParentMap 6/10/2014
    Strike a 'conversational yet knowledgeable' tone to score a spot at this parenting pub.
  • Parents 5/13/2014
    Earn $1.50 a word and up at this leading parenting mag for millennial moms.
  • Passport 2/20/2014
    Channel the wanderlust of savvy gay travelers to write for this mag and its website.
  • Philadelphia 9/30/2014
    Pitch this city pub short and long-form stories on lifestyle, culture and news.
  • Plate 4/15/2014
    Dive deep into the creative side of professional food to land up to $1 a word.
  • 11/11/2014
    This newly relaunched site for 20-something males seeks entertaining, insightful 'think pieces.'
  • Poets & Writers 3/17/2015
    This mag is open to think pieces and writer profiles that speak to its literary crowd.
  • Popular Science 8/31/2012
    Deliver 'the best of innovative thinking' to this tech book
  • Portland Monthly 2/7/2013
    Pitch 'smart, authoritative and entertaining' pieces to break into this city pub
  • Prevention 2/24/2015
    The ramped-up digital presence of this health mag means tons of writing opportunities.
  • Professional Artist 4/22/2014
    Break into this pub with a business-related pitch to help artists make a living off their talents.
  • Psychology Today 10/9/2012
    Make psychology accessible and fun to read for the quirky pages of this mainstream mag

R (7)

  • Real Simple 11/18/2013
    Pitch broad to this mag's 2 million-plus readers
  • Redbook 3/26/2013
    Less is more when it comes to fashion and beauty at this women's glossy
  • Relish 2/26/2013
    With editors hungry for queries, this food-focused newspaper insert cooks up endless byline opportunities
  • Rhapsody 11/25/2014
    Bring your luxury lifestyle pitches to this first-class magazine in the sky.
  • Roads and Kingdoms 8/11/2014
    This award-winning travel site seeks strong writing with a compelling, journalistic style.
  • Rolling Stone 8/18/2011
    Break into this legendary title with your insider access
  • Running Times 2/12/2013
    'Think like an editor' to run off with a byline

S (17)

  • San Antonio 11/30/2012
    You don't have to live in the Lone Star state to land a byline in this local mag
  • San Francisco 7/25/2013
    You don't have to live in the Bay Area, but your pitch needs to resonate with readers who do
  • Saveur 4/1/2014
    This culture-focused mag is hungry for authentic cuisine and writers with authority.
  • Scholastic 12/5/2012
    These mags want freelancers to offer advice on teaching careers, learning and child development
  • Scottsdale 12/27/2013
    Pitch ideas that resonate with the luxe lifestyles in the Valley of the Sun
  • Shape 8/8/2013
    'We absolutely are open to new writers'
  • SheKnows 4/8/2014
    Pitch stories that jump off the page and command social shares for this women's site.
  • Skift 6/17/2014
    This travel news site seeks industry experts for reporter-driven stories.
  • South 3/23/2012
    Hold the stereotypes when pitching this Georgia pub
  • Southern Living 9/7/2012
    Pitch with visuals for this lifestyle mag
  • Southwest: The Magazine 12/15/2014
    Character-focused, general-interest story ideas will bump your pitches up to first class.
  • Spirituality & Health 8/15/2013
    Soul meets body in this recently revamped, freelancer-friendly mag
  • Sports Illustrated 3/10/2015
    Pitch your athlete-focused human-interest stories and sports profiles to this classic title.
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids 8/12/2014
    Send a winning pitch to earn $1 a word at this mag for young sports fanatics.
  • Success 4/29/2014
    Pitch stories on the dos and don'ts of starting your own business at this service mag.
  • The Saturday Evening Post 1/8/2014
    Go beyond basic journalism at one of America's oldest publications
  • The Source 10/30/2012
    Think outside the music charts when pitching this bible of hip-hop, culture and politics

T (4)

  • Texas Monthly 1/3/2013
    Send these award-winning editors queries with some "native sensibility"
  • 1/28/2013
    This website aimed at the black perspective is on the lookout for fresh talent
  • 7/8/2014
    Look at news through an African-American lens for this heralded site.
  • This Land 3/13/2014
    Investigative, long-form journalism has a home in the heartland.

U (1)

  • Uptown 3/13/2013
    Reach affluent African-Americans with pieces on the finer things in life

V (7)

  • The Verge 1/20/2015
    This forward-thinking site seeks pitches that show how technology is woven into everyday life.
  • Variety 6/22/2012
    'We look for stories that demonstrate intimate knowledge of the entertainment business and access to high-level sources'
  • Vegetarian Times 10/12/2012
    Pitch recipes and features to satisfy this herbivore audience
  • VegNews 10/24/2012
    The feature well is wide open at this "vegetarian lifestyle" mag
  • VentureBeat 8/30/2012
    Cover startups and the people who fund them for this online syndicate
  • Via 2/23/2015
    At AAA's Western-states mag, the freelance opportunities are as open as the road.
  • Village Voice 3/30/2012
    Hit the right pitch if you want to break into the Voice

W (12)

  • The Writer 8/5/2014
    This writers' bible seeks pitches that delve into the struggles, successes of scribes.
  • Washingtonian 11/8/2012
    Delve into D.C. matters with profiles and narrative features
  • Weight Watchers 2/23/2012
    This mag wants a balanced freelance diet of news and features
  • Wine Enthusiast 5/8/2014
    The front-of-book of this wine and travel lover's pub is the best place to direct your pitches.
  • Wired 5/20/2013
    Pitch news and analysis to this tech mag's front-of-book
  • 6/20/2013
    Pitch tech culture stories and multimedia content to this news-driven site
  • Woman's Day 12/17/2013
    Find fresh ways to finesse traditional content for this newsstand favorite
  • Women's Adventure 11/21/2012
    Pitch profiles, service pieces and essays that will connect with this active lifestyle mag's audience
  • Women's Health 2/18/2014
    This mag seeks writers with a fresh spin on healthy-lifestyle content
  • Women's Running 10/16/2012
    Stay ahead of the freelance pack with profile and feature pitches to this pub
  • Working Mother 5/31/2013
    Cater to career-committed women at this niche service magazine
  • Writer's Digest 9/27/2012
    If you've 'been there' in the writing world, share your authority in a themed front-of-book pitch

X (1)

  • 9/24/2013
    This bold women's website wants personal stories with no holds barred

Y (2)

  • Yankee 5/2/2013
    'The expression' of New England culture, this bimonthly seeks freelancers' regional stories
  • 11/26/2013
    Writing and reporting chops are in demand at this science-driven beauty site