An Interactive Online Boot CampJune 8 - June 29, 2015


Starting June 8, you'll have access to five pre-recorded lessons on content marketing. Over the four weeks of the boot camp, you will complete assignments based on the lessons, and get one-on-one feedback from a homework advisor. You can watch the lessons at your convenience and at any time. Any questions? Contact us!

Day 1:

Content Marketing: An Overview In this webcast, join Geoffrey Colon, Group Marketing Manager of Social Media at Microsoft, for a discussion on setting up a content marketing strategy, key performance indicators and execution timelines and tables to make content marketing work for your organization. Learn about the emotional factors of "social by design" that indicate what people will share, when and why, and how it will all ultimately help you to build your brand, product or service.
  • Geoffrey Colon Group Marketing Manager, Social Media
    Bing Ads
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Day 2:

How to Execute a Successful Content Marketing Plan Now that you have a basic understanding of what content marketing is and why it's important to your brand, you're faced with the dreaded task of planning. You might be asking yourself questions like "What elements go into a successful marketing campaign? When and how should I begin creating content? Do I need an editorial calendar? How should I coordinate all these moving pieces?" Creating and executing a content marketing plan comes down to research, goal setting, and measurement -- and defining the type of content you need to successfully engage with your target audience. In this session, join experienced content strategist and marketer Hannah Simon as she outlines the best practices for each step of your content marketing plan.
  • Hannah Simon Content Marketing Lead,
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Day 3:

Developing Your Brand Voice The tone and style of voice you use for your brand or business is crucial to its success. It can express the people behind the company, show what sets you apart from your competition, build trust, and influence and persuade your audience. Developing a strong tone of voice is one of the msot important steps in ebcoming an established brand or business. In this session, Jaquelyn Schroder, Account Manager at Digital Surgeons, will lead a discussion on how to discover and implement the right brand voice. Learn how your values, positioning, and audience profile shape your brand voice. Then learn how to implement it and remain consistent across various channels with eyes on formal/informal language, digital storytelling, and how best to communicate with your existing and potential customers.
  • Jacquelyn Schroder Account Manager,
    Digital Surgeons
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Day 4:

Content Creation: How Will You Create Content Join content marketing strategist Amanda McCormick as she discusses the four critical strategies for creating content that supports a business objectives. This encompasses content creation, content curation, repurposed content, and co-created content. You'll leave this session with an understanding of key strategies that will help you create more valuable content in a minimum amount of time.
  • Amanda McCormick Content Marketing Strategist
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Day 5:

Content Distribution and Optimization In this lesson, Geoffrey Colon will discuss how to put together a content distribution plan, what forms of content work best on particular platforms and how influencers and third-parties help tip content to your desired audience who in turn, help to tip it to even more individuals. You'll look at case studies of content that experts have noted as "viral," when in actuality they were planned to be shared and discussed for the purpose of creating mass awareness.
  • Geoffrey Colon Group Product Marketing Manager, Emerging Media
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