Copywriting for the Web

Create copy for websites, emails, and social media outlets

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  • Thursdays 6:45-9:45pm ET, 6 sessions full schedule

From information gathering to shopping to wanting to connect or be entertained, more and more of our daily interactions take place online. This class will focus on the craft, style, and strategy of writing compelling brand copy for the web.

Through weekly assignments, you'll learn how to carry concepts past headlines, recreate real-life sensations online, and craft copy that lingers in the consciousness long after the user has left a site. Copywriters new or seasoned will find techniques to move effective communication from the printed page to the Web and mobile devices.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Write benefit-driven web copy that's both engaging and succinct
  • Create copy for social networks and curated content for branded communities
  • Talk with art directors about new digital options
  • Figure out which media (traditional or new) is best for your marketing message
  • Adapt your style for social media messaging, mobile content, or a proper landing page

By the end of class, you will have:

Experience (and portfolio samples) to apply to web, mobile and social media copywriting.

Jean Railla is a digital brand strategist and copywriter with a client list that includes major lifestyle brands like La Mer and Jo Malone, as well as Fortune 500 companies. She was the writer behind Nike's award-winning and was lead copywriter on several social media and mobile campaigns for Walmart. In addition to her copywriting career, Jean created, which is largely credited with sparking the hip crafting trend. In 2004 she published Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec and appeared as a judge on the Style Channel's Craft Corner Deathmatch. Her writing has appeared in the Utne Reader, Bust, Craft, and and she is a regular contributor to NPR's Word of Mouth. View her work at

  • "Jean believes in her students and has built an inviting, friendly atmosphere. No matter what level you enter her course at, you will leave a stronger brand analyst, social media marketer, and web copywriter. Guaranteed."

    Thomas Francis

  • "Jean's warm and creative personality made for an open and energetic class. She was helpful in providing answers and setting projects for us to work on to build out our portfolios. I would happily work with her again. Loved her!"

    Ashley Johnson

  • "Jean is extremely knowledgeable about web writing and leveraging social media. She gives great feedback and has a wealth of knowledge and tips. She's also smart and funny, which adds to the enjoyment of being in her class. Highly recommended!"

    Erika Dunham

  • "Jean is extremely generous with suggestions for improving work and unleashing creativity. As a rookie in all things interactive, I felt very comfortable about my level of knowledge relative to others -- all thanks to Jean!"

    Kathryn Manuelian

  • "I learned as much and had more fun in this course as in many of my graduate school marketing classes. I highly recommend Jean."

    Anne Hollyday

  • "Jean puts together a dynamic, informative class on digital copywriting. Filled with practical how-tos and best practices, her course gives you the tools to get started."

    Zhanna Veyts

  • "Jean is awesome! Her extensive experience, combined with her quest to master what's new in web, advertising, and interactive, allows you to gain a solid understanding of copywriting. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!"

    Claire Zahm

  • "Jean's experience, knowledge, and candor put the growing world of digital copywriting in layman's terms. After her course, I feel confident taking the next step in my career."

    Monique Gramby

  • "Jean's enthusiasm and energy gave vitality to class and encouraged me to embrace my (suppressed) creative side and stretch my limits. She took time to provide me with insights and tactics to help me in my job. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and Jean!"

    Alexandra Wendler

  • "Jean is upbeat, knowledgeable, experienced, and knows how to give constructive criticism. She kept the energy up and never wasted a minute. She knows digital advertising inside and out. "

    Paul Raphaelson