Digital Project Management

Manage a technical project and launch a career as a project manager

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  • Discussions Mondays 8-9pm ET, 6 sessions full schedule

Learn how to successfully manage an existing project or new product launch from conception to completion. We'll cover the creative, analytical, and organizational skills you need to connect the dots between different departments and keep projects on task.

You'll learn how to stay on top of the constantly evolving digital landscape to ensure that your projects take advantage of the latest trends and technologies. We'll discuss the most common approaches to digital projects, including traditional, agile, and extreme methodologies, and how to evaluate what makes sense for a given project. We'll also cover how to anticipate and avoid major issues and roadblocks, and what to do when things go wrong.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Oversee new product development from conception to execution
  • Create specs, wireframes, and other key project management documents
  • Collect feedback and implement improvements based on analytics, beta and A/B testing, and focus groups
  • Evaluate the best approach and methodology for any project
  • Foster the use of digital analytics as part of the digital project process

By the end of class, you will have:

Hands-on experience creating project management documents using Microsoft Project and Visio and an understanding of best practices used to manage new or existing digital projects.

Grace Begany is a technology project management consultant with over 15 years experience directing digital projects. She works with clients on all phases of their technology project, from concept through launch and beyond, including ongoing digital measurement activities. Prior to this, she was director of online and software development for Kaplan, Inc, where she spearheaded many large-scale online, mobile, and web analytics initiatives. She has also managed digital projects for a publicly-held healthcare communications company and a software development start-up.

  • "This is a great class for people who have basic project management skills in non-digital media who want to learn more about digital project development. You get the framework and excellent examples. The subject of current and emerging technology is so vast, the course really emphasizes ongoing study and tells you how to do that."

    Kristen Cook

  • "Grace was fantastic. She came to chats prepared, and initiated conversation and questions. Her comments were helpful and encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate to take another course from her."

    Pam Remai

  • "Grace is very knowledgeable on how to do your job as a project manager. She was very detailed-oriented and supportive. I appreciated her constructive criticism on assignments."

    Deborah Roman

  • "Grace was incredibly well-prepared, articulate, and welcoming. She made sure students had time to ask questions and allowed us to share answers and experiences. I would definitely sign up for another class with her!"

    Maureen Schultz

  • "I thought Grace was clear, inquisitive, and provided assignments rigorous enough to gain knowledge without over-burdening us. Her feedback was always timely and constructive, and the chat sessions were useful. She was also very conscientious of providing additional resources."

    Stefan Frank

  • "Grace is an excellent instructor. She answered questions thoroughly and clearly has a great background in digital product management."

    Kristen Lodge